In this candidate driven market with new challenges such as offer ejections and overwhelming expected CTC’s

and Salary hikes its is good to look at outsourcing your hiring requirements to a recruitment agency. The company should clearly understand the benefits of using a recruitment agency. First, we need to understand why companies should use recruitment agencies in their hiring process and how can they benefit through recruitment agencies. There are six major reasons to outsource their hiring process to a vendor, which would be discussed in detail below.


1. Business Partner:Recruiting should be viewed as business partner, someone who is critical to the success of the business.” – Mathew Caldwell. Recruitment Agency is not just a vendor, they play a business partner role where they can build the company profit directly or indirectly. Your Recruitment business partner will understand the company Vision & Mission, Company culture, Position, Requirement, Budget & which candidate will be fit for the role. The business partner will thoroughly analyse all these points to hire a candidate. A good hire will always be beneficial & profitable to the employer and at the same time, a bad hire can affect or ruin the business.


2. Market Knowledge: It is important for the Recruitment Consultant to have the capabilities of Market mapping. The consultant should know the market standards, challenges, and the sweet spots when it comes to hiring talent. Recruitment agencies also spend huge money to train their employees on skill up-gradation, Candidate Engagement. It is important for the Recruitment Agency to have a wide knowledge on Recruitment Industry & need to be aware how to source, attract & screen quality candidates who fit the company.


3. Time Saving: In today’s scenario, hiring a candidate isn’t going to be an easy task. It consumes more time on sourcing profiles from various channels, job boards, scheduling, coordinating with candidates, Interview follow-up, offer acceptance follow-up, Joining day follow-up. Etc.


According to our Experience at Multi Recruit, it takes an average of 20-30 days to fill the position from day one of the advertisement till the candidate joining date, However, sometimes it extends to 90 days keeping the candidate’s notice period in mind. 


4. Quality Talents: Every new employee is an investment for the company. At the End Of the day, the Return on Investment should be multiple folds. Recruitment agencies like Multi Recruit have trained their team and are experts on how to source, qualify, screen, and filter the talent pool. Our Experts thoroughly study the company culture & job description to match the candidate’s profile with skillset, experience, location, and finally CTC.


During the process the recruitment specialists interact with the candidates and filter based on the candidate’s interest level, culture fit level & Level of efficiency to check how the interviewed candidate will benefit the company.


5. Cost Saving: Companies like start-ups are usually frugal went it comes to spending on team expansion. Setting a separate internal HR or Talent Acquisition team could cost them a lot. Expenses such as staff salary, HR Training & job site cost etc all add to the overheads. However, Recruitment agencies already have all these facilities to support their potential clients.

im66. Free from Spam Emails: We job opportunities are posted on various online channels, there would be a huge number of applications flowing into the organisation. Many a time there would be relevant resumes but at the same time a higher number of irrelevant ones. Eventually, the employer’s inbox will be flooded with Spam emails where the employer will be annoyed to filter the relevant profiles from the flooded emails. Recruitment agencies, take your burden & tackle all these problems by filtering out all irrelevant candidates and provide only quality profiles to the employer.


 Well! Now you’re aware of all the benefits of recruitment agencies if you outsource your hiring activities, but will it be a success when you outsource to bad agencies?



Multi Recruit commenced its operation in the year 2013. We believe in partnering with our clients and delivering a strong foundation of talent to support future business results. We work to understand our clients’ specific requirements, beyond just technical skills, letting us find the right fit expeditiously. We offer Permanent Hiring, Temporary/Contract Staffing, and Executive Hiring services.