The Best Recruitment For The Retail Industry

How can you become the next big thing in Retail? By getting yourself the best talent in the industry at the earliest.

We offer all-round solutions for the retail industry job recruitment. With our assistance, you get the help you need with your recruitment marketing efforts as we collaborate with your brand to create a fitting company page for you.

Our intentions are the simplest- to find the right talent for you.

We believe in conveying the opportunity to the candidate as realistically as possible in the interview process.

Our recruitment recommendations are based on an exhaustive screening process before hiring. We aim to source the right personnel at all levels and ensure a smooth running of the recruitment process.

Recruiting challenges in the Retail industry


Hiring Lower and Mid-Level is a Challenge

Hiring employees for the growth phase and at lower levels is becoming a challenge.


Job Requires Talent

Customer-centric job requires talent.


Commission Based Remuneration

A competitive market with employers offering commission-based remunerations which becomes difficult to retain the staff.


Mass recruitment

Mass recruitment becomes a challenge for a single HR manager at a retail store. Time and resources are wasted on mass interviews, storage of applicant information, etc.


Impression Matters

Initial impression matters since 90% of the applications for a job in retail get rejected when they are mass recruiting.


Why use Multi Recruit in the Education Retail industry

How we work?

One-click FREE job posting and distribution to multiple job boards.

We help our clients with the identification, following assessment and finally recruitment of only talented professionals to fill their vacancies.

30-Day validity of the search ensures saving time in sourcing new applicants every time.

Our experience in this industry is spread across sectors and caters to all its functional areas, from low to middle to top level positions.

We deliver all the essential competencies readily with our far-reaching candidate database that helps us recruit only the top talent proactively.

Save time, resources and money with our customized plans in Retail Recruitment and find effective solutions to all your HR needs under one roof


One-touch Job posting and distribution to multiple job boards


Quality service from start to finish with consultant approach


Pre-Paid fixed cost for all recruitment needs with 30 Days validity


Perfect culmination of finish with and human-guided process management