The Best Recruitment For The Media and Communication Industry

In the Media & Entertainment industry, job recruitment solutions are often required to be dynamic, simply because their jobs are similarly vivid.

Finding the right skill can not only be difficult, but separating the average from the outstanding can be a challenge, as is often discovered while scouring talent for the media and communication industry.

At Multi Recruit, we offer an automated process that is defined in the specifications you provide.

Every campaign is as different as your recruiting needs, every source of talent as deep or shallow as you need it to be.

Not just automation, but expert human suggestions as well forms the crux of our talent acquisition process designed for you.

Recruiting challenges in the Media & Communication industry

Skill Set

Matching the skill-set to the required criteria: though recruiters might find talent, the clients should agree

Job Boards or Recruitment Agencies

70% of recruitment agencies utilise the same job boards. It is required that recruiters prove themselves worthy of the applicants they want to chase.


Slow Hiring Process

Slow hiring process in an attempt to find the right candidate


Social Media for Media and Communication

77% of employers in Media and Communication industry use social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to source candidates, and yet do not yield the right talent.

Big Problems with Skill Gaps

Large skill gaps are a big problem with over 54% of media companies expecting to recruit more this year.


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