Recruitment Solutions

What are the Recruitment solutions offered?

Our Recruitment Solutions for Employers consists of ATS, Recruitment Process Automation, Job distribution, HR Consulting, Background Verification, Technical Interview and Jobseekers can apply for jobs freely.

Applicant Tracking System

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

It is a tool that helps in recruitment needs. It is similar to a CRM but designed for Recruiters by Recruiters. An ATS is used to automate recruiting operations and provide a unified repository for all candidate data like resumes and applications.

What areas are covered under HR consulting?

Talent Acquisition and Management, HR policies, Market Intelligence Report, Salary Benchmarking etc.

Is the Applicant Tracking System effective for mass recruitment?

Yes. ATS can be used to send out mass emails, store all of the communication that you can track at a later time. This makes it the ideal way to communicate with candidates and clients and get real time updates.

HR Consulting

Why do I need HR consulting?

HR plays a pivotal role in bringing success to a business. We will provide you with an effective workforce that will bring betterment and help you focus on neglected aspects of your new established growing organization.

Why use our HR consulting service?

Focus on other crucial aspects for the success of your business and let us take care of your HR needs. We help you build the ideal team.

Manual Tracking versus Applicant Tracking System?

Comparing ATS with manually tracking your data, ATS provides quality search within minutes. It can sift through hundreds of resumes in seconds and pick out only relevant resumes for perusal. It can filter according to various inputs like skill-set, experience, qualification, etc. It is automated, well organized, structured and process oriented.

Recruitment Process Automation

What is Recruitment Process Automation?

Recruitment Process Automation is a process that begins with identifying the most qualified candidates from the resume pool, conducts pre-screening of these candidates for the right qualifications, experience, location, etc. before presenting the applications for shortlisting. Recruiters can now easily and efficiently perform high-volume hiring with real-time integration. It also includes automation such as SMS, Emails and real time update of instances such as interview schedules, shortlisting, offer management and joining.

How can I automate my recruitment process?

With Multi Recruit, managing your recruitment process becomes easier. The tool we have created can help reduce redundant tasks, improve efficiency and past the candidate through the funnel stagewise effectively. To know more call us at +91 888 0424 000.

How efficient is the automated recruiting system?

ATS is quick, ensures all information is stored, selects based on set parameters and most importantly ensures all candidates are responded to.

Automated Interview Scheduling

What is Automated Interview Scheduling?

Automated Interview Scheduling is an automated tool that helps you organize interviews in one place. Reduce the number of emails and calls and save time for actual talent sourcing. It also gives you consent and confirmation from the candidate on his availability.

Why should you automate interview scheduling?

Schedule interviews on the go. Schedule interviews in advance to be sent as an alert to the candidates. Clients and candidates can sync the scheduler to your calendars and get reminders or send/receive SMS alerts. Easy self-schedule and rescheduling of their interviews for candidates to prevent last-minute conflicts.

Background Verification

What is background verification?

Background verification is the process of authentication that verifies the all the information provided by a candidate to an employer in her or his application, resume and interview.

What comes up on a background check?

Some of the key areas are qualifications, previous employment(s), validity of identification proofs, criminal records and much more.

Why is background verification necessary?

Background verification is conducted to ensure only quality hire, and to protect the organization’s interests.

Technical Interview

What is a Technical Interview?

A typical Technical Interview will feature questions that are subject-specific and skill-specific to the position you have applied for.

How do you conduct Technical Interviews?

The interview can be either be in-person, via phone or a video call.

Who conducts Technical Interviews?

We have subject matter experts to conduct the technical interviews. The interviewer comes with high level of domain knowledge.

At what stage do you conduct Technical Interview?

Technical Interview can be at any stage after the preliminary stage of interviews. It can also be done immediately after sourcing stage.

Social Recruiting

How do you do Social Recruiting?

Social recruiting uses social media platforms as talent sources or for advertising to attract candidates.

Is Social Recruiting available under all recruiting services?

Yes, to know more get in touch with us – +91 888 0424 000

What are the channels used?

Channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, G+.

Create Custom Email Responses

What are Custom Email Responses used for?

Custom Email Responses are created kept with branding/marketing in mind to attract and showcase your company to the candidates.

Avail Premium Support Service

What is Premium Support Service?

Dedicated Campaign Managers who will take the ownership of the requirements, who will make sure on deliverables and help you hire effectively. They come with high level of sourcing and recruitment experience.

What areas does Premium Support Service cover?

You can get access to active and passive candidates. Successful hires by dedicated campaign managers for every client until the requirement is fulfilled. Seamless coordination between employers and job seekers to help schedule interviews and assistance like Technical Interviewing. Search for relevant candidates in our exhaustive database and receive pre-screened candidates to shortlist.

How can I avail Premium Support Service?

It’s easy. call us on 8880424000 or email us with your requirements at info@multirecruit.com

Job Seeker

Create Your Profile

Why should I create a profile?

You get to apply to relevant jobs at a click of a button. There are 100s of jobs to apply for.

How do I create an ideal profile?

Filling in maximum information about yourselves such as employment details, education, skill sets, etc. The more relevant information is provided, it would be easier for recruiters & employers to shortlist you for relevant opportunities. Click here to search for jobs and register: http://jobs.multirecruit.com/

Receive Job Alerts Via Email

How do I subscribe job alerts?

Sign up to get automatic job alerts, interview alerts on candidate dashboard.

Is this a chargeable service?

No. It is completely free of cost, we do not charge candidates. Resume writing services are chargeable for job seekers. Click here to know more about Fraud alert.

Use Advance Job Search Tools

What is an Advanced Search?

Advanced search option will enable you to fine-tune your job search that closely matches your requirements. Refine your search for salary, location, education, job profile, etc. to generate job openings.

Track Your Application Process

How can I track my Application Process?

You can track your application in your profile dashboard. Sign up, create an account, apply to job and track your progress.

Is this mobile-friendly?

Yes, it is mobile friendly to use.