The Best Recruitment For an E-Commerce Industry

The e-commerce industry is expected to contribute 4% of GDP by 2020. With more consumers flocking to the online markets in India and abroad, the E-commerce industry is a booming industry with immense potential set to scale on a much larger platform. It not only leads to huge present and future opportunities, but also presents a genuine and vivid problem- that of finding the right people for the jobs. This industry is on the rise as consumers who opt for the convenience of shopping online over the time and energy spent on going to a store in-person. One definite thing we can observe in recent years with e-commerce is that people value convenience and options to fulfil their shopping needs.

While it’s a booming industry with lots of potential, the competition for Top Talent is very high, making it very difficult to hire high caliber candidates. E-commerce companies’ jobs tend to remain in large metropolitan areas which require fewer workers to reach higher productivity margins. Also, e-commerce companies pay 26% more on average than their general retail counterparts.

Job Market in E-commerce Industry

E-Commerce Industry has had a major impact and growth has been on the creation of employment opportunities across the whole industry. Apart from the direct employment contribution that has been made by the e-tail players, there has been an indirect/adjacent employment generated in the allied industries like IT/ ITeS, sellers and SMEs, logistics, warehousing, and other support industries (like payment solutions, marketers, and advertisers

Recruiting challenges in the E-Commerce industry

The e-commerce industry is facing many challenging scenarios like sustainability and business optimization, investment pressure, regulatory changes and growing competition leading to mergers and consolidations, and of course, tussle with offline businesses.

The above challenges ultimately impact the employment landscape of the industry. Some of the key employment challenges faced by the industry are:

  • Skill-fit:
  • Employee retention:
  • Clarity of roles and expectations:
  • Process automation:
  • Rationalization of hiring:

Having worked with leading Multi-National E-commerce companies, Multi Recruit has seen success in mid-level to Senior level hiring mainly comprising of:

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Data Analytics
  3. UX/UI
  4. Marketing

Multi Recruit have been successful in addressing the above challenges in E-Commerce Industry:


With access to all jobsites, databases, social media, internal database, Multi Recruit has the capability to reach almost every job seeker in India. With a dedicated recruitment manager assigned for each client to understand the skillset, which is the foremost thing to look for while sourcing. Upon Identifying a candidate, the first step is to match the skillset the hiring company needs with the candidate. Candidates whose skills match successfully are shortlisted and sent to clients who further asses the candidates on the skillset needed via coding test or a short project. Multi Recruit will coordinate till the results are out and successful candidates are further shortlisted for further rounds.


Clarity of Roles and Expectations

This point is most important and thus is the 2nd challenge is hiring not only for E-commerce industry but all industries.

At Multi Recruit – We make sure the roles and responsibilities are communicated in detail to the candidate before taking up the interview with client. To be double sure, Multi Recruit emails the JD to the candidate after validating to make sure candidate is aware of the role, he / she has to play.

Employee Retention

Retention is a combination of finding the ideal candidate and the hiring company is equally responsible to make sure the candidate is onboarded properly and makes the candidate is aware of the do’s and don’ts and the company culture. Every candidate sourced and shortlisted by Multi Recruit is appraised in detail about the hiring company and work culture to ascertain if the candidate is keen to work in that environment. Similarly, the hiring company mentions the attributes they need which Multi Recruit validates and assesses if the candidate is an ideal fit for the company hiring.


Process Automation

The recruitment cycle consists of few repetitive tasks which can be automated making it quicker and effective. Tasks which can be automated are:

  1. Job posting on Multiple Sites.
  2. AI enabled ATS which can stack up CVs according to the relevancy to job.
  3. Real time update to candidates upon applying to jobs leads to better candidate experience.
  4. Assessments and coding tests for IT jobs which candidates can take up remotely.
  5. Roll out offer letter to candidates from ATS.

Rationalization of hiring

Every company needs to plan carefully on the number of employees needed for each department, when do they need it, at what cost, location etc. It is very important to plan efficiently with precision on the numbers of positions to be fulfilled. Failure in planning properly will lead to concentration of employees in few teams when compared to others and will eventually lead to reorganising which will lead to termination of few in certain teams which is not good for the company nor the candidate.

To conclude, the E-commerce industry is undoubtedly the future which will see a lot of transformation in job roles and which will create new jobs which are nonexistent now.