Time and speed play a vital role in all aspects of life, especially in the Recruitment industry. Recruitment process has undergone evolution since inception and the pivotal question of any qualified candidate these days is about the TAT from Profile Shared to Offer Roll-Out.

We, at Multi Recruit, leveraging our network and experience have consolidated a few ways on:

“How to improve interview to offer Turn Around Time”?

  • Utilise a ready to use candidate database: Most companies fail to keep the record of candidates which results in more time spent on sourcing fresh profiles from scratch. We at Multi recruit have an ATS with a good database which helps in building your candidate pipeline and this helps us understand their availability, notice period, current compensation, location, education, skills, etc. This eventually will minimise a lot of time spent on sourcing profiles on job portals, social media channels, etc.
  • Multiple Rounds of Interview: As we expect valuable time from the candidate, it should be round the clock, even Hiring Manager should respect the candidate time. Therefore, try to shorten the turnaround time by conducting most of the interview rounds on the same day. This practice itself will reduce the number of days including weekends which will eventually help the TAT ratio.
  • Help us connect with the Stake Holder: Giving a clear picture on who all are the stakeholders will help our Recruiter, your talent acquisition team on selection criteria, TAT amongst others which is beneficial to the organisation. The time and speed of feedback and decisions will help to minimise the time or days to close positions successfully.
  • Our automation is at work: In this busy HR industry, the hiring manager may forget or may not have the time to send a call letter email to the candidate. It’s possible that it could be human error of forgetting or the load of work which is prolonging to notify the candidates. At Multi Recruit our ATS updates the candidate in real time status and all you need to do is keep our recruiters informed. If the candidate is not updated on time, he / she may actively attend other interviews.

All these points vary from employer to employer, case to case and are situationally different. Therefore, it is good to identify how to reduce the turnaround time & to be effective in your hiring process. A delay of a single day in hiring candidates will come under the Cost of Productivity & Return on Investment. 

On an Average Multi Recruit takes 13 to 15 days to offer the candidate from sourcing to offer.

If these strategies are applied, then this valuable information can help improve a hiring process and optimize future candidate experiences. There are so many ways for companies to differentiate themselves as an employer of choice, however the top challenge will always be staying ahead of competition and ensuring that jobseekers find your organization better than others.

This Blog is part of a series which aims to answer commonly faced challenges in recruitment.

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