During the hiring process many candidates are processed for many rounds of interviews. Many a times there are delays in the feedback or sometimes you would have forgotten to give the feedback to our recruiters. The candidates are in constant touch with Multi Recruit and at many times they are eager to know the status of their candidature. Keeping candidates in a “Status Quo” mode would negatively impact their interest towards your organisation. Eagerness and anticipation could soon turn to Anger and displeasure which may cause the candidate to share negative reviews socially.

We have listed a few reasons why interview feedback matter as lot for a smooth hiring process.

Reasons Why Interview Feedback Matters

  • It keeps the shortlisted candidate more engaged which may convince them on not applying elsewhere.
  • It gives closure to rejected candidates to move on to other opportunities.
  • It improves the overall candidate experience & helps build the company brand.
  • It reduces the risk of miscommunication.
  • It maximizes the effectiveness of our recruiter & your talent acquisition team.
  • It is a professional courtesy to inform candidates with their feedback on time.
  • It is not time-consuming & the candidates tend to spread a word of mouth which would reflect on the reviews about the company.

Effective & Timely feedback truly helps in continuous improvement and helps improve the employer brand perception which in turn helps you hire effectively.

If these strategies are applied, then this valuable information can help improve a hiring process and optimize future candidate experiences. There are so many ways for companies to differentiate themselves as an employer of choice, however the top challenge will always be staying ahead of competition and ensuring that jobseekers find your organization better than others.

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