When it comes to recruitment, recruiters & TA Professionals play many essential roles. The primary goal of recruiters is to find & place a suitable candidate in a suitable opening. But, to find & place a candidate, recruiters must guide & help candidate along the hiring process. A Recruiter / TA Professional dawns multiple hats: At times they are great sales professionals, Mentors, Counsellors & even great Advisors.

Recruitment is not only important to provide value to your clients, but also to the candidates. Recruiters & Talent Acquisition Professionals are hired by businesses looking for employees to fill their open positions. They don’t find jobs for people — they find people for jobs. The trick here is to make the candidate feel important and let the candidate have an amazing journey in the process of being Hired.

Give below are a few tips that can be useful to recruiters & TA professionals to help candidates in the hiring process:

Have clear job descriptions


Your job description or JD is likely to be the first impression you make with your potential candidates, so it’s important to make sure you get it right.

A job description is meant to give clear insights on the following:




  • Nature of the job
  • Objectives
  • The Roles & Responsibilities
  • The Qualifications & Required Experience
  • The location of the job or Is it Work from Home / Hybrid
  • Perks & Benefits
  • Work timings

A straightforward, easy-to-understand JD will attract the attention of your candidates from the outset.


  • Save Significant time of the candidate thru virtual interviews

Everyone is busy, and most candidates are not willing to spend excess time trying to figure out how to apply for a position that’s hidden behind a cumbersome application and interview process.

Save-Significant-time Invest in virtual interview tools for the Initial levels of screening, that would save the time of the candidate by taking the interview virtually at the comfort of wherever they are. Tools like zoom, skype and Hangouts are free to use for virtual interviews.

For more advance recruitment tools you could also use @digihyre for one way and two interviews. It will also widen your reach of talent pool and help candidates with adequate information helping you save time & money with an increase in efficiency when recruiting.


  • Make sure your application process is simple & career site is easy to find


    application-process-is-simpleOne of the biggest causes of anxiety in candidates come from the fact that they don’t know what to expect from your organization. Just pretend for a moment that you’re a job seeker & while browsing job ads or if you receive a JD, you find one that fits you.

  • But what’s the work environment like at that organisation?
  • Who will you be working with?
  • And if you want to occasionally work from home, will you be able to?

 These are the points above that you need to address in the JD & and at the career site & explain clearly making it easy for candidates to apply & to know more about the job opportunity. Keeping a simple process attracts lesser  interview backouts & no shows.


  • Give clear instructions at each stage of the application process

Always remember that your communication with the candidate from the start to finish plays a very crucial role in the overall experience & should be assessed well.

Give-clear-instructionsIt is very important to inform the candidates about the following at each stage of interview process:

  • What can they expect during the interview?
  • Time & Duration? How long it would take?
  • Designation of the interviewer & more info about them.
  • Anything to be prepared or brought along for the interview, such as a laptop or some presentation or documents etc.
  • Dress code & attire if any.

With clear expectations, candidates won’t be left wondering if they need to prepare anything in advance.


  • Reduce steps in the application & screening process

Reduce-steps“Interview fatigue” & “Death by Interview” are new terminology used when the interview process grows so long that the best candidates start bailing out and the rest of them become demoralized to proceed the remaining rounds of interview.

High calibre candidates have multiple options for these days & they don’t want to put up with lengthy hiring processes. Candidates feel the company is disrespecting their time, and they resent being made to go through so many rounds.


A few easy steps you can take care of to address this issue:

  • Assemble Smaller Interviewing Teams: A small team size makes it easier to come to a decision & the inclusion of employee or the manager who will directly work or the new hire would report to ensures a better decision.
  • Clearly Define Hiring Goals: The only way to get what you need quickly is to set explicit requirements for the position & hire as soon as you find a candidate who meets the requirement.
  • Reduce no of interview rounds: Set a specific goal to hire by the second or third interview. As mentioned earlier, interviews beyond that point rarely yield a worthwhile ROI.

These can be solved by actively taking steps to streamline the hiring process.


  • Be transparent & give feedback on time

Be-transparentProviding a post-interview feedback is necessary. Candidates will resent companies who dont bothered to tell them about the status after their interview. Giving feedback after an interview pays off in the long term as it demonstrates that you go the extra mile as a potential employer. The candidate deserves to know the truth but keep your feedback tied to the job requirements only. You can always share advice for areas of improvement but be mindful of your response not to cause any litigation or false hopes. Always aim to help the candidate so they can improve themselves and get clarity & closure if they don’t succeed to the next round.


  • Build relationships & rapport with candidates

Recruiting is all about relationships & the solution is building & nurturing excellent candidate relationships. The rapport that you build with your candidates can make or break your recruitment process.

Build relationships  If you want to make the best hires, you need to understand candidates wants & needs.
Give the candidate your undivided attention and this will show that you truly value their input & opinion. you should always focus on building a genuine rapport with your candidates. If possible, take the candidate out of a formal phone call environment and instead arrange to meet face to face.Perhaps for a coffee or in a visit to your office in a friendly and clam environment & you would be more likely to get to know the real candidate if there is a pleasant environment.


  • Prepare your candidate well for interviews

Your success to a hire depends a great deal on how you prepare the candidate for it.

Prepare your candidate

  • Make sure that your candidate reads the JD thoroughly and has no doubts regarding it.
  • Make sure that the qualifications, education & certifications if any match  up to expectation of the JD
  • requirements. Have a pre check on this so that candidate is aware of this & no last-minute surprises on eligibility criteria.
  • Give in-depth information about the company. Share info about its mission, management, work culture, the types of products it offers and the types of clients it serves. Get some insight on its latest revenue, growth prospects and business plans.
  • Make a list of common interview questions for the given position and ask the candidate to frame thoughtful answers based on them.

Give a great Candidate Experience 

Give a great Candidate Experience The Candidate experience is the perception that jobseekers have of your organisation based on their interactions with the people and the process when applying for a role.

A poor candidate experience will make applicants think your business doesn’t respect its workers, making it more likely that the top talent will choose to work with a competitor instead. Candidates are likely to discuss their interview experience with family, friends, and colleagues; all of whom could be potential customers, or maybe someday even employees.


Good candidate experience is essential to a healthy business—not only does a positive candidate experience help attract and secure the best talent, but it also helps to shape positive impressions of your brand. In other words, you can’t afford to ignore it.

Recruiters & TA Professionals can be the light in the end of the tunnel for candidates that need help finding the right opportunity. They have exceptional market knowledge, access to multiple jobs & access to many hiring tools and can save job seekers time & energy. They can also be expert advisors and give great insights to jobseekers on interview preparation and readiness. They can prove a world of difference to a candidate struggling to make themselves heard & help candidates in the Process.

The highly qualified and acutely targeted team at Multi Recruit make sure that you are presented with the top choices for a job. We leave no stones unturned to match your talent to the appropriate opening. At Multi Recruit, our recruitment specialists showcase highest standard of professional efficiency & dedication to identify employees for our clients.