Branding is more than a logo, it’s the whole experience

What is Branding Initiatives: As an employer your Brand image matters a lot which adds immense value to your hiring process with Multi Recruit. Before we deep dive into Employer branding let’s get to know what employer branding really is.

Employer branding has been under immense scrutiny in recent times as a potential jobseeker will exercise more discretion in where they want to apply for a job. In todays world, people can go online on sites like LinkedIn, Glass door & Indeed to understand what a company or workplace can offer them as they’re looking for opportunities, good pay and growth for a successful career.
The idea of talent hunting has become more competitive because of our increased ability to network. These days, as an employer, you really need to invest in your brand: How are they perceived by candidates who have the skill sets and whom they want to attract, onboard & retain? This is the one of the reasons why organizations should take “Employer Branding” seriously when hunting for new talent.

How can your organisation Improve Employer Branding?

1. Define your message clearly: Create an authentic message & tone of voice for your brand, so that candidates know exactly what to expect as an employee.

2. Nurture your culture: Recruitment plays an influential role in nurturing culture, ensuring right-fit talent is brought on board. Employer brand reflects your culture rather than something that can be prescribed, and so building a positive culture is the root of a strong employer brand. This in turn helps the team @ Multi Recruit to brand your organisation to the prospective candidates.

3. Understand brand perception: Prospective Candidates will undoubtedly use platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Glassdoor and Indeed to share their experiences. These platforms are a source of valuable feedback to address elements of your employee value proposition. Of course, not all jobseekers will be happy all the time but look out for pain points that could deter right-fit talent from applying.

4. Build brand advocacy: Thanks to social media, marketing is no longer the guardian of brand. Both corporate and employer branding are in the hands of your employees – and customers. Consider how you can use posts from employees on social networks, internal Facebook groups and on your career social channels. These in turn shared to our recruitment team helps us in showcasing your organisation to the prospective candidates.

5. Embrace technology: Technology lends a huge boost to employer brand by providing better communication channels & improving the candidate experience. At Multi Recruit, we can streamline candidate engagement, job search, applications, assist on assessment & selection processes, as well as interview scheduling & feedback. All recruitment teams can provide an exceptional candidate experience that reinforces employer brand.

6. Treat candidates like customers: Glassdoor & Indeed endorses the view that candidates are increasingly treating a job search like online shopping. As part of their research jobseekers want to know about your company’s reviews, work style & interview process. They may also leave reviews about their candidate experience. Therefore, it’s important to provide a positive, consistent, fair and engaging journey for the jobseekers.

7. Use storytelling: Once we have initiated contact with target talent, we at Multi Recruit keep potential candidates engaged through regular communication and follow up. As an employer, you sharing us your success stories could help us in the hiring process, It might include landing pages that show videos relevant to job roles posted or sharing stories from current employees about their own experiences. Doing this, we will be able to attract better type of candidates who could see themselves creating similar stories.

8. Add depth- through photography, imagery or video: There are plenty of methods beyond words that you can use to actively promote your employer brand. Providing an appealing vision that inspires people can often be best accomplished visually – through images or video. Many of our clients are exploring social media channels like linkedin and Indeed to connect with the prospective candidates.

9. Own your space: Make sure you are where your target talent is. Whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, make your impact in the right places. This tactic is especially valuable if you’re trying to hire in an area that’s outside your usual sphere – think of banks that need fintech talent or a retailer moving into new geographical markets.

10. Connect employer & corporate brand: A positive candidate experience adds value to both employer & consumer brand. Employer brand enables those outside your organisation to understand your purpose, vision, and culture. Although corporate & employer brand have different audiences, the messages should be consistent. In our connected world we use many of the same channels to speak to our customers as we do with our candidates.

Having your employer branding strategy in place helps us at Multi Recruit to attract candidates and help you hire successfully.

If these strategies are applied, then this valuable information can help improve a hiring process and optimize future candidate experiences. There are so many ways for companies to differentiate themselves as an employer of choice, however the top challenge will always be staying ahead of competition and ensuring that jobseekers find your organization better than others.

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