Hey Jobseekers, how is the social distancing working? Have you been able to crack your interviews and able to get shortlisted for any job opportunities? With this lockdown I am sure it is getting tougher and tougher to get shortlisted or called for interviews.

Our recruiters spoke to hundreds of jobseekers in this last 2 weeks and found that a lot of them were worried of not getting jobs anywhere. The team at Multi Recruit did some brain storming and came up with 10 strategies that would help job seekers find amazing jobs and crack their interviews.

Below is the list from our team of talent advisors. Many of you would have spoken to them regarding a job opportunity.

1. Be very active on social media: (Profile Shortlisting, Virtual Interviews, & Virtual onboarding) All these processes happen online – Get Comfortable Networking & interacting Online. Almost every jobseeker has access to the internet & a smartphone and are well adapted to social media. Employers are engaging candidates on Social media more than ever before to attract jobseekers not found on jobsites. Update your LinkedIn Profile to make sure its complete with qualification, previous job history, certifications and finally recommendations from others. You never know when a recruiter is going through your profile and is contemplating whether to shortlist or reject based on details available about yourself on LinkedIn.

2. Focus on personal Branding: This is the perfect time to focus all your energies towards building you personal branding. There are ways to Improve your personal branding. o Discover your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) o What problems do you solve? o What are you passionate about? Your personal brand serves as a huge asset that can grow your career and help improve your public image & help you land interviews.

3. Be Committed: In the current crisis, people who still have jobs need to be grateful they haven’t been fired. Jobseekers need to be grateful for getting offers with hikes & joining bonuses during these times and need to be committed to join the organisation unless there is a strong reason to change decisions at the last minute. No HR or recruiter likes last minute dropouts, no-Shows and offer Rejects. A lot of hard work goes into sourcing, screening, interviews, interview scheduling, negotiations, Salary benchmarking, offer release & then finally onboarding.

4. Apply to relevant opportunities only: Make sure you are applying to the right position which matches your skillset. Applying to irrelevant jobs will only waste the recruiters time and your time also. Though most of the firms have 1st level checks when hiring you may be put in the spam list and companies may blacklist you for apply irrelevantly. Opportunities may slowdown but always be professional and courteous in your approach.

5. Research before Interviews: As there is no physical meet up due to the social distancing and COVID -19 pandemic. Ensure that you have done thorough research about the company profile, their website, the team, their business, the job description etc. Also check for the recruiter’s profile on LinkedIn & connect with them so that you they can add a face to a voice/ name. A professional etiquette approach is the best way when it comes to interviews.

6. Be prepared for Q & A’s: Recruiters always prefer open ended questions and will want to know your interest levels on the company and the job description. The more relevant questions you ask the better are the chances of impressing the recruiters. Questions relating to the management team, company structure, funding, year of start, employee headcount , career growth opportunities etc are sweet spots which helps you understand and assess the stability, growth factor and reputation of the organisation that you apply for.

7. Boost & Show case your skills: Talented/Multi skilled employees will become priority as retaining employees may become a challenge across the industry. If you have skills and can multi-task, if you have a new skill upgrade then the hiring company would be interested to know more about you and which you should mention in the CV and also on your LinkedIn profile. Taking up short courses will add to your skillsets.

8. Avoid Multiple Offers: Shopping for offers and holding multiple offers is a big no in the eyes of HR, Talent Acquisitions teams & Recruiters. Stop playing numbers and do not unnecessarily do CTC negotiations. Be adaptable to the current situation and be grateful for what is being offered.

9. Avoid Job opportunities outside your current city: Avoid choosing an Organisation out of your City unless it’s very important to relocate and do this only if the company has flexibility of online interviews. The current situation may create unnecessary hassles to look for jobs in other cities.

10. Always mention current location in Resume instead of permanent location: Many a times candidates fail to update their current city. This will lead to confusion and you may lose out on job opportunities in your current city. Make sure your resumes / CV on job sites and Linkedin have current details about you. These are a few strategies that are suggested by the team @ Multi Recruit , Best Job consultancy in Bangalore and we hope you find some relevant jobs on our website https://jobs.multirecruit.com/