The job market is changing on a daily basis. The scenario that was predominant even a month back may not hold true today. With the change in job market, it becomes imperative for any recruitment consultancy – big, small or medium to follow the latest trends in the recruitment industry. The recruitment agencies in India thrive on the job generated in the market. If they are not aware of the trends, they will not be able to flourish and sustain the competition. Following are the trends that are going to shape the recruitment industry in the coming years.

  • Match Making: The recent trend is to find the right person for the job. In other words, the demand for specialised professionals is growing. Instead of hiring 10 different individuals to get the job done, the trend is to hire a single point of contact who will know the in and out of the job being assigned. It makes it easier to co-ordinate and get the job done.
  • Social Media Hiring: More and more employers are giving importance to a candidate’s social media presence. With Facebook and Twitter becoming an integral part of our lives, every company worth its salt wants to trend in the online world. Nearly, there are 243.2 million internet users and 106 million active social media users among a total population of over 1200 million across the globe. The trend of social media hiring has just started in India and is going to get quite big in the coming years.
  • Technology Adaptability: With technology becoming a regular part of our daily life, companies big and small are emphasising on candidates who are well aware of the different technologies used in the IT industry. With multiple versions of a single technology being launched in a year, there is no alternative to technology adaptability.
  • Analytics: The recruitment agencies in India will start referring to analytics to source candidates. Analytics helps in workforce planning, workforce utilisation and simultaneously into untouched areas like sourcing. According to a research conducted by LinkedIn, global recruitment industry is depending on analytics. India is well above the others with 54% score. This dependency is going to increase in the future.
  • Employee Referrals: This will grow in size and importance. Nearly 50% of the organisations across the globe will depend on existing employees to refer the new joinees. Hence, it will become all the more competitive for recruitment agencies to elevate their game and skill sets if they want to sustain the challenge.
  • Candidate Experience: There is no alternative to experienced candidates. In order to win the war of hiring the best talents and resources possible, the demand for experienced candidates will rise. Hence, the agencies need to update their pool of candidates with experienced ones. If the candidate referred by one consultancy lacks in experience compared to the other candidate, the concerned agency will lose out in the rat race.

As a recruitment agency, there is no alternative but to constantly upgrade so that you can offer the best talents in the least possible time. A happy customer means profit for your business.