Human being, as is said, are the most adaptable living species in the world. It can survive the rainforest, dessert, high mountain even the ice unlike most others. Today this ductile creature is fighting for its existence against the impalpable virus, COVID-19. It is anticipated that total global economy will shrink by 1% in 2020 due to the pandemic, but it is too soon to substantiate the claim.

World’s best Doctors, Scientist and Governments are battling hard to find a cure and vaccine for Covid-19, which we believe shall be eventually found and the virus shall fade. In this unprecedented hour, after being caught off guard, mankind still managed to be flexible enough by being static and locked-down in its shell for days and months flattening the curve.

Technology has proved its importance in the livelihood of every human being by facilitating both entertainment and work during the lock-down. Businesses which were proactive in coming up with continuity plans, risk aversion strategies and revised product/service offerings continues to thrive whereas the unprepared ones unfortunately shut shop. Individually as well, the most adaptable jobs sustained the hit, whereas the obstinate ones are down with storm. In this rugged time standing out of the crowd will be essential and conclusive for both individuals and organisations.

Few tips on Standing-Out for Individuals:

1. Learn, Act and Rerun: Learn something new, Act upon what you learnt and rerun the same activity for as long as possible. Learning never ends, and what best way to utilise the additional time available now. E-Learning websites are providing free courses and have seen surge in adoption since the lock-down. Understanding the future and preparing oneself is the best strategy to fight any unforeseen threat. Hence, learning should become the part of daily routine now.

2. Master of All: It is hard times for businesses as well and many of them are planning, lay-off or furloughs. At this point, it is more essential than ever to be multi-tasking and irreplaceable. One should add skills to their profile frequently not just to grow but also to stand strong against the threat. It is advised to polish the existing and endorse new areas of expertise.

3. Proactive & Productive: Organisations demands, aggressive, enthusiastic, and proactive employees currently, enabling them grow together and faster.

There are many who complete the race, but world remembers the one who finishes first.

Similarly, pace is important in every profession and trade, being proactive in work helps to stand out. Spending nine hours in the office does not guarantee the productivity of employee, which is rightly witnessed at this hour. Individuals with more accountability and dedication will prove to be productive remotely which will make them outstanding.

Few tips on Standing -Out for Organisations:

1. Differentiate asset and liability: It is difficult time for all, and we are all in this. Therefore, for an organisation it is especially important to keep functioning and have its biggest asset, its employees, motivated throughout. It essential to build stronger regime for remote communication, cheering employees up with instant appreciation and recognition and host online team building activities. There are news of lay-offs and pay-cuts around which raises an important question whether employees are asset or liability now. Having stockpile assets and other resources may help organization run faster in the race but it is employees who hold the key to success.

2. Create a virtual infrastructure: Swanky offices and business parks have been vacant for months now. Organisations have been figuring out remote working capability by adapting to technological needs. It is a wise decision to have a plan B, at least for the unavoidable times like these. Work from home has now become compulsion and new normal. Organisations, investing more on virtual infrastructure, will be able to secure its data, protect customers trust and avoid theft.

3. Loosen up and ensure flexible: When working from home, employees might also have to engage themselves in their own household chores and organisations must understand it. Allowing its employees flexibility to focus on their personal works is not a bad idea whereas it will help them get back to work with a free mind. Therefore, companies must really take appropriate measure to ensure flexibility for motivating its employees and strengthen their commitment towards the organization.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility: It is time to give back the society. Therefore, it is wiser to come up with new and more CSR programs. Large enterprises have been engaged in going out of the line and producing masks and sanitizers, arranging foods and medicines, donating test kits, facilitating checking facility etc for the society. It is equal responsibility of smaller organisations also to contribute to the cause. This will help them to emerge as a stronger brand once the storm is passed.

Engaging oneself in new and innovative activities have become more important than ever in this competitive environment. This pandemic will not be the last. Staying at home and isolating oneself is not easy for anyone, but if we stay head strong, we can work together to fight this.