Karma is like a boomerang! Whatever you give out will come back to you!

Whenever we think of a boomerang, we visualize an Australian outback with some aborigine throwing this queer thing which comes back to the thrower. But, did you ever think of an employee who comes back to your company after having left it and found employment elsewhere? Presenting…The Boomerang Employee!

The Boomerang employee is one who returns to a former employer after leaving the company. Boomerang employees include those who have left the former company to gain new skills and to further career, who burnt their fingers trying entrepreneurship, those who left the company for personal reasons, and those who are genetically boomerangs!

Now, recruiters and HR personnel are looking at boomerangs with a kinder eye and don’t mind recruiting them. They seem to hire them because they are known and their behavior is predictable. They might have left the organization for greener pastures, but have a willingness to work with their former employer. This seems to be a major reason for companies to entertain boomerang employees.

Moreover, boomerang employees have proved to work with more efficiency and productivity than before since they too are familiar with the company’s work culture and they add outside experience to the work place.

Boomerang employees not only add value to the company, they even increase the employer branding where other employees begin to see the company as the place to be in.

Apart from this, employees also feel that it is easier to find employment in the former company than in a new one. Keeping the benefits of boomerang employees in mind, some international companies even offer continued service benefits and incentives. Rehiring only means they start their new tenure from where they had left.

For employees, having taken a change in job means a change in the scenarios, a change in perspective, and the ability to solve problems better. For this reason, some companies are keeping an eye on the career movements of their former employees.

While companies are ready with open doors, employees after having worked elsewhere realize the former company’s merits in a new light. As for the question whether to hire a boomerang employee or not, it is the sole discretion of the company and its organizational needs.

Some leave a company with sour experiences and never want to step back in again, others prospect an opportunity there. And, for the organization, with a firm stand on their goals and organizational culture, they do have some benefits with boomerang employees.

How to hire a boomerang employee

  • The organization need not hire an employee just because he/she worked there. It needs to be done only on a merit basis.
  • The interview process needs to remain the same even though the employee is aware of the firm.
  • Evaluate the previous circumstances leading to the employee’s resignation, and then take a decision.
  • It is better to review their past performances and look for a new role in the company’s environment.
  • Look for the fund of experiences the employee has gained after leaving the previous organization.
  • If an employee is a high performer, evaluate the opportunities of the employee with the present team.

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