IT interviews can be quite difficult if you are not well-prepared for them. No matter how technically sound you are, the practical world is completely different. Even if you have several years of experience, yet you will be grilled at the interview session. Generally, most of the organisations have three to four rounds of interview sessions before an employee is recruited. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced individual, you will have to appear for the interview. There are certain decorum and etiquettes that you need to follow irrespective of the number of times you are opting for an interview. Yet, there are many individuals who end up making mistakes while appearing for IT recruitment interviews.

To avoid the common IT interview mistakes, Multi Recruit, a Bangalore-based recruitment agency has shortlisted some of the common things that you need to keep in mind for a successful interview session. Following are some of the tips on how to avoid common IT interview mistakes:

  • Don’t Appear Uninterested: Once, you reach the interview venue, if you don’t like the office or have changed your opinion regarding joining the company, don’t appear uninterested. Now that you have arrived, be polite during the interview. Show respect and complete the interview before you leave. After all, both your time and that of the interviewer is being invested here.
  • Don’t Appear Unprepared: When you appear for the interview, make sure that you go through the job description, do a background research on the company and find out about the latest contributions made by the company in the IT field. This will ensure that you are fully prepared at the time of interview. Don’t appear for the interview unprepared.
  • Don’t Vent Out: When asked about the reason why you are leaving your previous company, do not say anything negative. Irrespective of whatever reason you are leaving the company, be respectful of your previous organisation. Give a good and positive reason why you are planning to leave your current organisation. You can say that you want to broaden your knowledge horizon.
  • Don’t Have A Negative Body Language: If you have a negative body language when you appear for your interview, the interviewer will detect it in the first few seconds. As such, it will create a negative impact on the panel of interviewers. Be positive, stay focussed and show your interest in the job opening when you appear for the interview.
  • Don’t Forget To Express Gratitude After The Interview Is Over: Once the interview is over, don’t forget to express your gratitude towards the interviewer. Say thanks and ask when you can expect a feedback on the interview conducted. Ask him whether it is alright if you follow up with him regarding the interview.

When you keep the above-mentioned tips on how to avoid common mistakes regarding IT recruitment interviews, you will be better prepared to face the interviewer. So, what are you waiting for? On the day of your interview, dress in formals and appear on time so that the interview schedules proceed smoothly.