Most companies use a phone interview to examine possible employment prospects. Shortlisted candidates are contacted after the hiring manager analyses all resumes sent by the job applicants. Those candidates, popularly called preliminary candidates will then start the phone interview process. It’s worth noting that a phone interview is as crucial as any other type of interview.

The phone interviews are conducted before being called to the actual face-to-face interview.

Merits of Phone Interviews

The candidate gets some benefits from a phone interview. The advantages include:

  • You save some time since a phone interview is generally shorter.
  • You have the chance of remaining unseen.
  • You can have a look at your notes.
  • You can request your interviewer to give you some extra time to think.
  • You are allowed to use the internet during a phone interview.

Why do companies use phone interviews?

  • Many potential candidates can be interviewed
  • There are more chances of getting the best candidate for the advertised job
  • A phone interview is time-saving since there is very little personal appeal between the interviewee and the interviewer.
  • Interviewee’s time is saved since there is no need to attend the office for the interview.
  • The Human Resource Manager can assess the power of the candidate’s speech and the response rate.
  • The company is able to cut costs

The tricks and tips highlighted below are proven to be used to crack a phone interview:

Practice your communication skills

Practicing your communication skills more is the greatest tool to cracking a telephonic interview. It equips the mind with some of the possible responses which you’ll give your interviewer and how to present them appropriately.

Thorough exercise easily convinces your interviewer that you’re the best candidate for the job and makes you sound self-assured. Here are a few hints to help you hone your practice:

  • Choose someone to act as your interviewer. You will familiarise yourself with how the actual telephonic interview will appear. They’ll then correct you and enlighten you on the areas to improve.
  • You could as well record yourself and listen to the recording later. That way, you’ll possibly identify the possible errors which you’ll have made.

You have the freedom to have notes with you during a telephonic interview. You can list down the most vital points and refer from there. Ensure that you have a pen and paper in front of you.

Research about the company

It’s almost certain that the interviewer will be interested in knowing how perfectly you know about the company that you’re ready to work for. Do lots of research to know what the company deals in and the specific roles you’re applying to do.

Clarity of thought

There are specific questions which you’ll be asked. Most of them will be derived from the information that you have provided on your resume. Be ready to answer them perfectly.

Make sure that you anticipate questions which you will possibly be asked.  It is good if you go through your resume to ascertain that you are familiar with all that you have as your portfolio. You should present yourself as of great clarity of thought about yourself and abilities.

Use phone Etiquette Skills perfectly

Begin by greeting your interviewer and introduce yourself by your name. Address your telephone interviewer using respectful titles like Mr, Mrs or Miss. Ensure that you’re polite all through. Be professional and remember not to act overfamiliar.

Listening actively to your phone interviewer before responding to the query asked is extremely important. The interviewer may be frustrated when you talk past each other.

Focus mostly on what the telephone interviewer is saying other than yourself. It’s in order to think every question as an opening to a conversation. Responding in a simple “no” or “yes” without expounding your answer is not appropriate. The core goal is to ensure that the interviewer understands what you mean.

Expression of Emotions


It is very easy to get annoyed if you feel deep inside you that your patience is being tested during a phone interview.

Ensure that you don’t run out of patience by convincing your conscience that the interview won’t last forever.

Don’t feel annoyed if the interviewer remains silent for a while. It could be that they are drafting some notes. Just be calm.


You can have a proud feeling that you are way better for the job that you’re being  interviewed for. Such a feeling can be brought by being asked queries which you find too shallow.

Treat each question posed to you with utmost respect so as not to devastate the chance of securing the job.


Having a telephone interview for the first time can really make you tensed. Anxiety and nervousness, however, won’t make you crack the interview.

Compose yourself, wear a smiling face and manage your stress during the phone interview. This will convince your interviewer that you’re ready and the right candidate for the job.

Look for a quiet environment

It’s very important to conduct a telephonic interview at a place where there are no distractions. You should only concentrate on the interview and not anything else.

Ask the necessary questions

There are chances that your interviewer may ask you whether you have any questions after interviewing you. It’ll be intelligent of you to ask wise questions since you will have convinced your interviewer that you are greatly serious about that role.

You can as well ask if your telephonic interviewer has any question left. This will be a great way of seeking out and bringing the discussion together. You may have given a reminder of any other question which could have been left out.

Be honest

Honesty is a virtue which can never be undermined. It is possible that your telephonic interviewer may ask you an unclear question.

If that is the case, promise to look for the answer and assure them the means which you will use to get your answers. Being honest about your ignorance does not mean automatic rejection.

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