The Indian job market is booming after two years of low hiring which was marked by job cuts. The IT giants are back to hiring. Getting rid of their cautious nature, IT companies in Bangalore have started hiring on a full-fledged scale. Despite the uncertainty about the global economy, the hiring plans of IT organisations is robust. You cannot deny that the IT market is a highly competitive one where you have to compete if you wish to succeed and edge past your competition.

The IT sector is completely dependent on computers. Every year hundreds of employees join the IT sector. Bangalore is the IT hub of India. Popularly known as the silicon valley of India, it is the place where you need to be if you wish to begin your career with a bang. But, before you start your journey, know which are the IT jobs in Bangalore for freshers. This will help you to prepare accordingly. Following are the top 3 IT jobs in Bangalore:

Junior Software Developer

Job Description: Work in close association with the senior software developer. The selected candidate will be required to follow the instructions given by the team lead.

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science.

Skill Sets: Software development is done in different ways in every organisation. The format followed in one organisation may vary from the others. But, there are certain skill sets that are required to make your mark in this field. The fresher needs to have knowledge in programming and agile development. The job seeker should be able to understand the problem, suggest the required architecture, convert the architecture into a solution, test the solution, and deploy the solution.

Junior Web Application Developer

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Web-based Applications

Skill Sets: With the ever increasing dependence on the internet in the global platform, the demand for websites is on the rise. As such openings for web application development is also opening up. More and more companies are becoming aware of the potential of a well-managed website that is up and running. To ensure this, IT giants are looking for individuals with knowledge of markup languages like HTML, XHTML, CSS, client-side scripting languages (JavaScript, browsers (Firefox, Opera, IE, Safari). The applicant should also know how to work with development tools like IDEs, editors (Visual Studio, Eclipse), web servers (Apache, IIS), and server languages (PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby).
IT Security Professional – Trainee

Job Description: As a trainee, you will need to assist the senior IT security professional in designing, implementing, assessing and managing security functions

Qualification: Diploma/ Degree in IT

Skill Sets: As an IT Security Professional – Trainee, the job seeker will require to have the basic knowledge of network administration and systems architecture. As per the skill sets, the job seeker will be required to assess the risk factors for the enterprise, ensure cyber security and insurance. In short, his skills and technical expertise will be tested with regards to the management principles.

There are other IT jobs in Bangalore for freshers as well. The above mentioned are the most in demand.