Recruitment Consultants Vs Online Solutions

Recruitment is one of the biggest challenge which many companies face, attracting and retaining the right talent is also very crucial for any company. Companies who appoint recruitment consultants often complain of the high cost associated in using their recruitment solutions. Most of the recruitment consultants in India charge 8.33% or above or a month’s salary.

The other main sources of attracting talent are from job portals and social media compared to earlier days which were mainly from print media. Since the dawn of internet the majority of all recruitment happens through online channels which makes it easier for the recruiter and candidates connect instantly. An example of this are the job portals which started during the initial days in the 90’s and currently dominate majority share of the online recruitment industry. They are many other portals that followed through and are attracting many candidates and offering innovative options to recruitment consultants in India and overseas as well. Of the recent ones who have entered the bandwagon also seem to have made an impact and are fighting for a share as well. There are plenty of other portals which spring up and shut down as fast as they had opened which are mostly free of charge to attract content and are tied up with the other portals. Then, we have the job aggregators who distribute jobs all over the internet from job portals and from company websites.

A company with recruiting needs and who do not want to use a recruitment agency are spoilt for choice but are also wary about the quality of candidates which they get from online recruitment channels. Companies shouldn’t put all eggs in one basket and therefore use a mix of recruitment consultants and online solutions to balance their chance of finding their ideal candidate.

Recruitment for Start-ups

Majority of start-ups usually start operating with only the founder and co-founder as the only members in the company. As the business scales up and starts growing other department start i.e. sales, operations, finance, marketing etc begin taking shape. The recruitment team unlike other teams performs the most important task of attracting the correct talent which is the lifeline of the business. The choice the company has to make is whether to invest in recruitment team or outsource it to a recruitment agency. Depending on their need the companies can opt either for IT recruitment specialities or Non IT recruitment specialists or have their own recruitment team which requires manpower and access to recruitment tools like access to job portals, premium linkedin account etc. It is always wise for a start-up to use the most cost effective solutions available for generic roles and make use of recruitment consultants for the niche roles and which are difficult to recruit for bearing in mind the cost involved.


Multi Recruit started in 2013 to make it easy for companies who have a vacancy to choose how much of their recruitment process they could handle and how much to outsource. Multi Recruit also gives an option to clients called Starter plan where they only advertise their vacancy on 20 job portals which includes all top 5 in India i.e.,, times jobs, and career builder and also on free job portals, job aggregators and also social media. Basically, a client can broadcast their vacancy to almost every job seeker in the country thereby generating volume and variety of CV’s from all over India at a fraction of the cost what it would have cost the company. There are three other plans offered namely Lite, Premium and Premium+.

Lite Plan: In this plan the vacancy is advertised on 20 portals and passive candidates are mass mailed of then vacancy and all applications received are manually filtered before they are sent out to the recruiters. The recruiters can then hire as many candidates as they wish to from the profiles sent.

Premium: Lite plan is included + candidates are interviewed and also scheduled, thus saving the recruiter lots of time so they can focus on different activities i.e. joining formalities etc.

Premium +: In this plan, the vacancy is advertised as a job listing on linkedin and also basic reference checks are also conducted.

In a nutshell, Multi Recruit has been designed to make recruitment easy and cost effective for all companies no matter what their budget or team size is.

Since companies can recruit as many candidates as they can the cost per employee is minimal and is the future of recruitment.

The tagline goes very well for Multi Recruit which is Recruit Many for Less Money!!