Based on recent surveys conducted, it is very evident that Information Technology Enabled Services in India are growing at an impressive rate; definitely encouraging each day. With throw away take home salaries and flexible work hours, candidates prefer working in the ITES sector in India; simply because of the lucrative services offered by ITES industry.

So what are the services in the offing? Cloud computing is the catch-phrase of the day! Internet and the various audio – visual tools that it has to offer, combined with the attractiveness of designer content of the sites, all add to the flavor and lucrativeness of the industry. Servers and networking, they too are the primary services of ITES industry.

Without backing from the ITES industry, the IT industry would virtually serve no purpose. From networking solutions to server administration and management, ITES offers solution to all types of companies. From start-ups to large Multinationals, every company requires storage solutions, monitoring software, information-backed processes, and different modules of networking in order to ensure that software solutions reach the end-target user. So basically, it includes every ancillary service that no industry in this 21st century can stand alone on. Human efforts are minimized with the introduction of a massive outburst of IT enabled services.

The human resource in India is the added advantage. India is the hottest destination for all Information Technology Enabled Services. This is the Call Center and Outsourcing generation that entirely lives and breathes on the internet, 24X7.

A typical example of how a Small Business Unit or perhaps, a Franchisee of a parent company that trains people about Hardware and Networking concepts and packages, would use the following tools and techniques that are related to ITES – basic or enterprise server operating systems in addition to the client operating systems, thin clients and BYODs, server systems and hardware peripherals for storing massive amounts of replicated data, both relevant and the old, a local area network with a pretty good load-bearing capacity, networking and inter networking devices such as routers, switches, hubs, bridges, secured Wi-Fi hotspots and access points, dedicated virtual links to connect to the internet over secured lines and use tunneling protocols to connect privately to Franchiser systems if need be, directory services to control and manage all the devices from a centralized location, additional backup and domain servers in case of a server failure and so on and so forth.

Various types of services such as Web Server, Application Servers, Domain Name Servers, Backup servers, File and print servers, DHCP servers, Database servers, Directory servers are some of the types of servers that are installed, configured and managed by the server administrators and/or engineers. Not just this, using Remote Services, the administrators or specialists can assist in troubleshooting (like a virtual assistant) even though the device is millions of miles away from the spot of ITES specialist agency!

Network engineers and administrators are the pros at aiding the entire set of thus established complex systems. From configuring the basic LAN unit to interconnect all devices in a network, all the way to troubleshooting major network failures and/or preventing potential snooping in the networks, they do it all. And this is a critical aspect of ITES; providing solutions for existing problems of users all year long.

This is also where the call-center executives and customer support or help-desk engineers come into the picture. They have a whole database of information about the every possible problem that could arise with regards to Information Technology. All they do is raise a token, understand the problem the user is facing and search for the method of fixing the issue based on step-by-step instruction manual available in the database. This in turn provides solutions to problems at hand and keep the systems up and running in no time!

Now imagine this, except in the scope of the entire planet! That is how far out the tentacles of the IT-Enabled Services have reached. However, most of the world’s services are outsourced to India due to the availability of quick, both casual and permanent; and inexpensive skilled human resource. Also, the unbeatable knowledge base with respect to the same, is humongous in India and therefore, as per recent surveys conducted, the scope for its growth is definitely there…