Why should I use LinkedIn?

There are two kinds of humans on this planet. One, who’ll look down at me in disgust, thinking ‘what an uninformed bloke’ and ‘You ain’t getting anywhere in your life Pal.’

Other, who’ll sympathize, and utter an ‘I know bro! It’s complicated’ in all sincerity.

LinkedIn can be like that, you know. You’re on there, but what next? You have been a member since God knows when, but you just don’t get the point.

You go ‘Pfft’ when you read that 98% recruiters use LinkedIn for finding recruits. Because not many landed on your page, now did they?

Well, as much as I am for the team ‘LinkedIn is confusing’, I guess it’s time you and I looked at what we are doing wrong. How to get properly connected on LinkedIn- 5 ways coming right up.

  1. Repeat With Me – LinkedIn Profile Is All That Your Resume Isn’t

What’s your resume – Job titles, headings, posts, qualifications, all in a compact capsule?

LinkedIn, especially after the recent upgrade, requires details. If you list your position, also mention the work, duration, duties, achievements, and links to demos(YouTube, PDF, GitHub) if available.

Use the 1000 word description box (present below each job-title label) to your advantage. Fill in the patents, courses, certificates, publications, etc. Turn all stones to impress any viewer.

  1. LinkedIn Prospecting Messages – Connect, but Carefully

LinkedIn networking isn’t restricted to your current employer and colleagues. Potential job prospects, friends, people from your industry you may or may not know- consider them all.

But, No ‘Hi Daniel, Let’s connect.’ Never do that!

While LinkedIn prospecting, best practices include sending personalized messages. If you have a good reason to connect, your chances of being accepted rise.

What value is Daniel to you? Why do you want to connect with Daniel? And, why should Daniel bother? Go through the profile. Read. Observe. Then, tell an interesting, different, useful story. Present yourself within the character limit.

  1. Identify Prospects – Filter – Target

LinkedIn has over 450 million members. How can you find Clients through LinkedIn in that ocean of people?

  • Find warm prospects
  • Filter out the ones you like best
  • Determine how to contact them

Those who have shown an interest in you are more likely to consider your request to connect. Example- people

  • who have liked, shared, or commented on your posts
  • follow you but aren’t connected
  • whose content you’ve interacted with
  • who’ve viewed your profile
  1. Connecting with Clients on LinkedIn – Methods Matter

Look, personalized messages are great. But, if you don’t know Daniel at all, and a friend of yours does, Get Introduced Tool is proper.


  • Get Introduced has no character limits, messages do
  • A common connection referring you can introduce a ground of confidence between you and Daniel
  • If you stand to gain more from connecting with Daniel than Daniel does, Get Introduced favors you

Other methods could be a real-life introduction, other social networks, or direct email.

  1. Be Consistent – or You’ll Lose Face

Almost 95% of recruiters vet candidates via LinkedIn.

So, you submit a kickass application, send a pretty message, pester a friend to introduce you to someone on LinkedIn because duh! You’re awesome.

But, your LinkedIn profile was last updated years ago. Or the information doesn’t align. Or, your profile tells an entirely different story. Or, you just aren’t active.

That’s bad.

LinkedIn Networking Takes Patience, Work, and Time – Relax

Think of your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile as parts of one package. Keep them on the same page. Give it time. Persist in your actions. Results will show up soon enough.