Appearing for an interview is the first step towards a career growth. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, there are certain common things that you need to keep in mind. Common tips include appearing on time on the day of the interview, wearing appropriate clothes, being polite and respectful during the interview. Finally, you need to express gratitude once the interview is over. All said and done, these are known to everyone. However, there are some other aspects which are generally overlooked and not followed by the interviewee.

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Coming back to the question of interview decorum and rules to be followed, today, we are going to discuss certain interview tips that will help you prevent some of the silly mistakes that all of us make during an interview. Following are the interview tips that you need to keep in mind:

  • Can You Tell Me Something About Your Company: You will be amazed to know thatthere are many candidates who have asked this question during the interview. As a jobseeker, you should know about the company. You should browse through their website and do a background check before the interview. Not knowing anything about the company is equal to committing a sin.Once the damage is done there is no repair.
  • Will You Do A Reference Check: Don’t ask the interviewer whether they will do a reference check or not? This puts off the interviewer immediately. Every company has its own way of verifying about a jobseeker. Asking this question implies that you are questioning the integrity of the company. Hence avoid this question at all times.
  • Finding Out About Leave Policy: You don’t know whether you have been hired or not. Enquiring about the leave policy during the interview round is quite unprofessional. It implies that you are more interested in the benefits offered by the company rather than working for the company. This sends out a negative signal.
  • Finding Out About Other Job openings In The Company: Never ask the interviewer whether there is any other job opening in your company. It may happen that your friend too is looking for a job but that does not mean that you need to ask this question in the initial round of interview. You can ask this question when you have been hired by the company and have served for several months. 
  • Finding Out about The Joining Date: Instead of asking the interviewer about the date of joining, tell them that you are interested in the opening and can join at short notice. This shows that you are confident about getting the job but not brash in your approach.

Now that you are aware of these tips, make sure that you keep them in mind when you appear for your next interview.