While the pandemic Covid-19 has affected many Start-ups, SME’s & Large businesses. There are various sectors, which, on the contrary, need the workforce to handle the current crisis.

Although the coronavirus has slowed down hiring significantly, there are several companies who are still hiring amidst this pandemic. Many industries such as Product based Companies in IT / ITES , EdTech , Media & Advertising , Engineering & Machinery are witnessing demand in manpower & new job opportunities while industries such as hospitality, travel, tourism & retail are witnessing huge drop in job opportunities

At a time when the news channels and media are talking about layoffs & pay cuts, we at Multi Recruit decided to shun the negative thoughts & look at the positive outcome.

Currently, there is a lot of uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic—especially if you’re a job seeker trying to make progress in your job search or if you’ve just been laid off and looking to join a company immediately or perhaps a second job for additional source of income ? Companies need you more than ever before.

Getting a job in these uncertain times is difficult, but not impossible.