The IT sector is fast evolving and it is difficult to keep pace with the changes. To keep ones skills updated is the only way to meet the challenges in this sector. Going by a survey done by the best IT job consultancies in India, companies are looking for sound knowledge in candidates in infrastructure/IT ops/IT pro roles with developer roles. Following are the seven skill sets that are required to get a job in the IT sector:

Skill Set #1: Ability to Solve Problems

Strengthen your knowledge base. For the IT sector a firm grip on data structure and algorithms, ability to handle complex algorithmic structures are required. Work on your basic concepts so that you can do your calculations in lesser time. With a strong knowledge base, you will never go wrong and it will help you choose the right database structure suggesting what algorithm should go along with analysis of complexity. If you cannot solve a problem you can come to the next best solution and that would consolidate your abilities in devising a support system.

Skill Set #2: Ability to Work with Object-oriented Languages

A good knowledge in OO concept is desirable; a hold on any object-oriented language will be beneficial. Also working knowledge in design pattern is helpful, though not necessary. For a beginner knowing R which is a popular programming language used for statistical computing will help to get a raise in the salary structure. Developers in MDM arenas such as VMware AirWatch, Apple Profile Manager, IBM MaaS360, Cisco Meraki Systems Manager, Citrix XenMobile, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) need skills sets in CompTIA Mobility+, AirWatch Enterprise, Mobility Certifications, GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst (GMOB). iOS developers are in more demand than Android or Microsoft Windows developers.

Skill Set #3: Ability to Keep Up with the IT Trends

You can acquire knowledge in Hadoop, Scrum Master and DevOps which will help you to get better jobs in no time. These skills are required by large software firms today dealing with mobile devices, digital data and analysis through cloud computing. Technology shifts are happening rapidly, five years ago C++ was a sought after skill in gaming but now R is the preferred language and Python is a programming language for data science that offers great versatility. The demand on full-stack developers, super coders who have a good knowledge of database programming, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and experience in cloud deployment solution, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) have great prospect in the IT industry.

Skill Set #4: Ability to Handle ‘Big Data’

Business Intelligence (BI) is another important skill you could try. Lining up bulk relational and non-relational (NoSQL) databases followed by visualisation makes for enormous data analytics. This is considered an eminently marketable skill with proficiency in Database administration Database development, SQL query syntax, Front-end Web development (XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript) you could land up in your dream job. BIU skill certification is helpful when certified by industry leaders like —Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP), Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) – Business Intelligence, EMC Data Science Associate (DSA), Cloudera BI Certifications.

Skill Set #5: Ability to Keep Up with Dynamic Changes

Know about forthcoming revolutions like the ‘Internet-of-Things’. Use your imagination and observation. It is being said that in no time our lives will revolve around cloud computing and networks from data gathering sensors to mobile virtual and instantaneous connection, thus, making us smarter. You need to keep pace with such dynamic changes and upgrade your knowledge with industry standards. The IT industry is mostly working on the concept of ‘software-defined everything’. Interoperable application programming interfaces that enable data-centre-wide abstraction are preferred when there is a vendor lock in the busy vendor space. Automation has taken a great lead in the industry where automation based on data is highly preferred by IT companies. So, working on these skills could take you one step higher.

Skill Set #6: Ability to Work on InfoSec

Information Security (InfoSec) is a greatly sought skill which is highly demanded by the government, health and banking sectors to name a few. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA), SAP Systems Applications, Products in data processing, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) for accounting data, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for credit card security are some InfoSec’s in demand. A sound knowledge in these would help you in becoming a proficient IT professional in the future.

Skill Set #7: Ability to Manage Time

Time management is an important component for IT developers. An IT professional should be able to rightly assess how much time he would require to spend on a particular project. In some projects it may take longer time than anticipated, however, maintaining a quick turnaround delivery time is considered a huge asset.

There is no end to learning. Understanding the business of your client, the products and delivering the best work will help you advance in your career. The process of developing is continuous in the IT Industry. Finding a dream job is not easy but if you can confirm with the prerequisites just send your CV to the best IT job consultancies in India. You could even contact Multi Recruit, a recruitment agency that assists candidates in getting IT jobs. They are known for providing FREE OF COST consultancy services to jobseekers. So, if you think, you have what it requires to be an IT professional, get in touch with Multi Recruit today.