Some say that managers are made while some swear by the clichéd opinion that they are indeed born with a flair for managing. Well, today we will discuss the ten most vibrant traits of a good recruiter and it goes without saying that you can then decide whether they’re made or just born lucky!

(1)     An active listener – a good recruiter has mastered the intricate art of listening to what the client, the candidate or anyone with whom he/she interacts with. By being an active listener, he/she makes judicious judgement based on what is being told.

(2)     Persuasive skills – a recruiter by default will possess excellent command over the language. In addition to this, one must own the knack of convincing candidates to suit the requirements of the firm.

(3)     Unbiased Decision Maker – recruitment is all about finding the most eligible candidates for a job profile and getting them to apply for the same. On the other hand, during the interview, the recruiter must intently go over all aspects of the candidate’s profile and make decisions over whether one maybe hired or not based on relevancy and no biased opinions.

(4)     Possess clarity of the vision and objectives of the employer – a recruiter’s job is not just rushing out adverts and posting job vacancies or conducting interviews. It starts from the grass-root level. It’s about ownership and being able to fulfill the needs of the employer. And that can be done only when the recruiter is completely aware of the company inside out.

(5)     Ability to maintain secrecy – A recruiter deals with hundreds of resumes and candidates every time an interview is scheduled. This is post the reviewing process. However, any good recruiter will reveal to the candidate as much as there is for the candidate to know, simultaneously keeping in mind that too much should not be revealed, which could possibly leak information to the competitors.

(6)     Time Management – no matter how many tasks are supposed to be complete, every recruiter has a certain deadline. Whether the recruiter maintains digital diaries, post-its, scribbles in notepads or otherwise…all that the employer asks of you is to get the recruiting done! And any wise recruiter would know best to always have a start and end time for every recruiting activity because time is money.

(7)     A Multitasker – a recruiter foresees, plans for future jobs, posts when there are vacancies and recruits when the eligibility criteria is met. And it doesn’t end there. The entire recruitment process needs to be regarded by the recruiter.

(8)     Not your average Joe – With a whole lot of companies coming up with software to wipe out the black-marks of terminated employees, it becomes a daunting task to find the best hire. A smart recruiter can always tell the difference between the real package and a fake candidate, just because he/she thinks and acts twice as fast as an Average Joe.

(9)     Read Body-Language – You might think that this is insignificant and if you do, you have never been more wrong in your life! Almost 70% of communication is all body language. The remaining 30% is verbal in nature. Therefore, a successful recruiter is not only good at all of the above but also is very good at reading a person’s body language which clearly gives off any tell-tale signs.

(10) Empathetic – being considerate of the candidates being recruited and of the colleagues in general, makes for a healthy working atmosphere and a successful recruiter!

So, know any recruiters with these traits? Which of these qualities do you possess? It’s about time you start polishing up your skills to be on top of the game in 2019!