The Best Recruitment In The Real-Estate Industry

The Real Estate industry remains the second-largest employer in the Indian economy. Its four subdivisions, popularly known as retail, housing, commercial, and hospitality, are still very much in demand as talent sinks. With the advancing times, they also happen to require not just quality professionals, but ones who are appropriately matched with their talents.

Multi Recruit has a vivid and successful history of recruiting for the Indian real estate sector. We strictly follow recent and significant developments in the industry and are well aware of the challenges that sourcing can become in the industry.

Our motivation lies in helping you locate the right talent and retain it for as long as is beneficial for all the parties involved.

Recruiting challenges in the Real-Estate industry

  • Challenges in Hiring

    Challenges in Hiring

    69% of recruiters faced challenges in hiring mid-level and senior managers which has worsened in the last 5 years.

    Challenges in Hiring
  • Talent Retention & Development

    Talent Retention & Development

    Real-estate industry is based on client servicing, managerial abilities, and securing productivity as a team. Therefore, the challenges are talent acquisition and management; talent retention and development.

    Talent Retention & Development
  • Lack of Motivation

    Lack of Motivation

    Lack of motivation to apply due to lack of exposure to the benefits offered by various employers.

    Lack of Motivation
  • Government Regulations

    Government Regulations

    Change in Government regulations like the labour laws and trade rules and regulation has made recruitment even more challenging.

    Government Regulations
  • Specific Talent Search

    Candidates Change Jobs Frequently

    35% Candidates change jobs at least once in this industry looking for better opportunities.

    Specific Talent Search

Why use Multi Recruit in the Real-Estate industry

  • Success Stories with Multi Recruitimage

    Success Stories with Multi Recruit

    One of our success stories that are close to our hearts is a recruitment process for a land developer. The client originally requested our service to just hire two recruits. Impressed with our Market Research and from our discussions, standard salary benchmarks and the knowledge share ended up hiring five mid-level and senior employees.

  • Subject Matter Expertsimage

    Subject Matter Experts

    We have Subject Matter Experts who conduct all our Technical Interviews and processing.

  • Dedicated Recruitersimage

    Dedicated Recruiters

    Our Dedicated Recruiters work with both candidates and clients to share knowledge and showcase applicants about companies for a transparent recruitment process.

  • Multi Recruit work Internationallyimage

    Multi Recruit work Internationally

    Multi Recruit caters to both local and international clients. Recently, we helped an Automobile Company hire a strong team of 10 recruits. We can source talent to international companies wishing to hire from India.

  • Wide Range of Job Opportunitiesimage

    Wide Range of Job Opportunities

    Our vast and extensive access to various Job Boards provides a wide range of job opportunities.

How we work?

We have the experience of handling recruitment for multiple Real-Estate corporations and have provided the right solutions that has contributed to their growth.

Our 30-day fixed cost package has sourcing time, as we understand that the Real-estate industry itself is time-bound. We apply the most efficient ways to hire talent.

We understand the various nuances of this industry and its different business roles and provide manpower and HR solutions most efficiently.

Our automated hiring processes will simplify recruitment and bring down the cost of hiring to great lengths. Our dedicated managers ensure that we offer the best solutions at the most competitive pricing.

Handling the fluctuating Real-Estate business is a task on itself. Lessen your burden with our cost-effective recruitment solutions to find the talent you seek.

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    One-touch Job posting and distribution to multiple job boards
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    Quality service from start to finish with consultant approach
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    Pre-Paid fixed cost for all recruitment needs with 30 Days validity
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    Perfect culmination of automation and human-guided process management
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