Case Study

Spritle partners with Multi Recruit to hire tech team successfully.
Multi Recruit helped Spritle help hire tech talent during a time when Pandemic and Lockdown forayed the recruitment process in IT Industry. Multi Recruit helps mitigate uncertainties around project requirements and hiring was a stiff challenge. Spritle having based in Chennai had a history of working unsuccessfully with local vendors to get talent pool with genuine candidates.

Spritle Software being It services company wanted to build a stable work force who could work parallelly with its clients on mobile and web platforms. Spritle having collaborated with MNC’s, Conglomerates and International clients was on outlook of top talent which would form the foundation of project team.

Spritle was able to fill in key positions across multiple skillsets. Most of resumes shared from Multi Recruit’s end were quality ones with decent pool of candidates to choose with. Spritle was able to add number of key positions (3/4) across different skillsets and seniority levels. These candidates are the kernel of client facing project team.

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