Case Study

Gamio Tech partners with Multi Recruit to hire tech team successfully
Multi Recruit helped Gamio Tech to hire many critical positions in their tech team. They have also availed our assistance for hiring across multiple skill-sets like DevOps, Full Stack, Software, and others.

In this case study, Gamio Tech wanted to ramp up their Tech team with a set of developers, Multi Recruit decided to adopt a methodical approach to tackle the challenges the client was facing. We did a detailed Market intelligence to ascertain the pool of candidates and target companies to be targeted for this campaign before. Apart from providing a singular point of contact from sourcing to onboarding, a defined strategy for employer branding and candidate engagement strategy was listed out to ensure the campaign’s success.

A thorough engagement was carried out by our Campaign Manager and Company SPOC to ensure successful onboarding. With this Gamio Tech being able to ramp up their tech team with hiring support from Multi Recruit. They are planning for further ascension and to grow exponentially. The gaming sector in India is growing at a remarkable pace, especially with smartphone market share increasing. Gamio Tech aims to acquire market space and be in the top 5 brands in Gaming Industry.

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