We are Multi Recruit

“Recruiting the right talent for all opportunities”, experience simple yet innovation in Business Consulting and all under one roof.
Multi Recruit provides you with convenient customized recruitment solutions for all positions at all levels and in all sectors, and in any location across India.
Advertise on multiple job boards, Social Media sites, niche websites and source talent from our extensive candidate databases.

Who we are

Praveen Kumar .D .K and Shashank .A .V, with the combined experience in the Recruitment Industry begun Multi Recruit in 2013, headquartered in Bangalore, which has been greatly successful in bringing together highly adept and an intelligent workforce that can help any company achieve mission-critical project goals.

Praveen as an accomplished Management Professional with approximately 18+ years of experience in the domestic and international market (UK) who worked in Digital, Print Advertising and FMCG Market recognized the woes of SMBs and start-ups having strict budgets and without a resourcing team due to cost factors and several other reasons.

Shashank has an overall 10+ years of HR industry experience with strong stakeholder management skills and is adept at driving team talent acquisition across a gamut of skills and industries.

What We Do

Finding the right talent and keeping pace with active projects has become very challenging for the unprepared HR. We value the experience that our recruiters bring from various industries, and we like to leverage it for the mutual benefit of both clients and candidates. Gain from our Technical Interviewers to find the right talent.

Prepaid fixed cost for Recruitment Solutions, opt our services as per your need and Pay on successful hire. Our automated recruitment with Chatbot Support, ATS and automated interview scheduling, personalized IVR alert and Instant Messaging have uncomplicated the entire HR process. Get instant Market Intelligence Report to guide you through the Recruitment process.

We save you time. We save you money. We deliver fast, simple, efficient and highly relevant HR service right at your doorstep.

Our Story

Multi Recruit is your end-to-end Recruitment specialist. We create branding, provide market insights, customise recruitment solutions and provide the right talent to fill positions at all levels.

We offer Self-service and Managed service. Our dedicated team and managers will personalize and customise every assignment for result-oriented goals like value proposition and ROI.

Our multifaceted resources come with years of commended performance, experience dedication and exceptional service.

We cater to domestic and international clients for IT and Non-IT roles that will provide you with the all-round service you are looking for.

Team Members
Meet Our Team

Our Journey, So Far.

We have come a long way since our inception in 2013. Take a tour of our journey and achievements over these past years.

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