Background Verification

We never give you the wrong person for the job

We never slip on something as critical as

background verification

for employable candidates. Scouts honour!

The pre-employment

background check

is an integral part of our hiring process, simply because we stand against wasting time and resources only to end up with an unreliable or unqualified hire.

Our simplified process will ensure that you hire the best talent as fast as possible.

Pre-employment Background Verification is an integral area of our hiring process to avoid:

  • Wasting quality time and resources to secure a candidate
  • An unqualified hire
  • An unreliable recruit

Background checks are vital for a strategic business planning, and our trained and experienced professionals conduct candidate verification in the following areas:

  • Education verification
  • Employment history
  • Personal identification check
  • Address verification
  • Database
  • Credit check
  • Personal and professional references
  • Drug check
  • Criminal activity

We understand and detect vulnerabilities in candidate profiles so you can hire only the best talent. Our simplified process will give fast results for quick hiring, especially when conducting mass recruitment.

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