Features for Employers


    Advertise, Distribute & Share Jobs

    One-click job posting across multiple Job sites with mass sharing and distribution. Post faster with our intuitive interface that will guide you through the entire process to attract the right talent.


    Dedicated Recruitment Manager

    Dedicated Recruitment Managers for hiring, shortlisting, scheduling, and follow-ups with candidates with an end to end support and coordination.


    Use Social Recruiting Tools

    Widen your database with Social Sharing on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. Post your job, manage and rate candidates on your dashboard.


    View Formatted Resumes

    View curated candidate profiles for quicker shortlisting. Track the referrals and find top talent through our referral dashboard.


    Create a Branded Career Page

    Own a dedicated career page, a standalone job ad campaign. Design creative mobile-friendly landing pages or integrate with the existing website.


    Create an Instant Job Page

    Post your jobs and get access to premium job sites, receive pre-screened best of the lot candidates, and also notify them to apply.


    Track and Rate Applicants from Visit to Hire

    Applicant Tracking System with real-time alerts to your dashboard and email. Hassle-free, automated interview scheduling that saves your time and resources.


    Create Custom Email Responses

    Create engaging custom email responses that will be sent to shortlisted candidates for acknowledgement, approval, interview scheduling, etc.


    Avail Premium Support Service

    Chat live on our website using Chatbot, call us or email, our dedicated team is ready to help and answer all your queries.

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