Success Stories of Gamification in Recruitment

Every CEO should understand Gamification because gaming is the new normal –Bing Gordon

In the previous blog, we had discussed the concept of gamification and the exciting world of possibilities for the recruitment industry. Gamification is the application of the dynamics and mechanics of gaming in other contexts. It had been applied in various other fields with good results. However, we discussed the need for meticulous planning before one went about that enterprise.

When it comes to the application of gamification in the corporate sector, there had been many successes prompting bigger and smaller players alike to try this new concept. Enterprise Gamification is aimed to create employee engagement, increased productivity, and to create a specific behavior pattern.

It had been successfully adopted in major companies like Xerox, Allstate, and Hyatt Hotels in order to train employees. By offering rewards and entertainment, these companies had been able to train employees effectively. This approach proved to be leagues ahead of the old approach of a stale classroom session.

Others who used Gamification:

  • US Army.
  • Autodesk.
  • Nike.
  • Starbucks.
  • Bluewolf.

The format of gamification is out of the box and totally creative. It has the power to entice employees to participate and engage with the goals of the company. Gamification has been proved to be a successful approach to motivate the millennial generation; however, there’s mixed reaction when it comes to older employees.

The scenario of the recruitment industry in India is ripe with the influx of newer methods of hiring including social media, job boards, and recruitment agencies. This is because companies are at a constant war to get the best of talent at lower costs. Getting quality hires is one of the biggest parameters for companies and they are ready to adopt various techniques and methods to entice the best talent. Companies and recruitment agencies strive to create wider talent pools. They go all out to attract the best of passive talent and even resort to poaching. That is the power of human capital.

With the arrival of gamification, it seems to cater to the instant gratification of candidates. Real time gamification when created by integrating information from various quarters of the recruitment process has proved to be a great motivator for candidates seeking employment. While reward points, badges, competitions, and role playing entices employees, it gives the recruiters a good chance of better assessment and to nail in on the best talent.

Many companies have hitherto employed this in their recruitment process and have successes immensely. Here are some of the success stories of gamification in the recruitment industry.


With its Code Jam, Google came up with a software writing competition in order to attract fresh and new talent into their company. This ongoing competition rewards $% 15, 000 to the winner and is a platform for developers, programmers, and engineers to showcase their talents, become superstars and get a great job in Google.

French Postal Service:

The French Postal Service had a constant issue procuring loyal employees. So, they developed talent assessment software that would make prospective employees to experience a week at the office virtually. Job seekers in that week would experience the intricacies of the functioning of the postal service. This drive enabled the French Postal Service to reduce attrition from 25% to 8%.

Domino Pizza:

Domino, in order to reassure their prospective employees that it was a fun place to work at had come up with Domino Pizza Mogul game. The concept of the game was for the participants to come up with new pizza ideas; it presented an impression of the company being a happening place to work with.

The examples of gamification working wonders in the recruitment industry are countless. It’s only for the Indian companies to implement it in the appropriate manner to succeed in getting great talent.

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