15 Most important trends shaping the future of Recruiting

15most imp recruit trend


  • Social media networking is the axiom of the millennium – whether professional or casual, both are progressively impacting the quality of hires made. Facebook, Shine, Naukri, LinkedIn, My Parichay, My Space are some of the platforms where netizens connect with each other and also find jobs.
  • 1 in 5 companies are designing new methods to recruit via mobile recruitment for faster, cheaper and effortless hires.
  • Poaching is the evil that haunts companies today. Hence, they heavily invest in hiring internally to stop top talent from being poached by other companies.
  • Implementation of Management Information System (MIS) and analysis to make hiring process efficient and effective while simultaneously helping the company in making appropriate branding decisions.
  • Employer branding has two facets to it. It could be used as a competitive advantage to position the company in the minds of clients. At the same time, it could be a threat if it too edgy or lacks luster.
  • Utilizing social & professional networks for recruitment, hiring and Poaching at all levels of functioning of the organization.
  • Highlighting the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and taking employer branding to a whole new level.
  • Boosting referral programmes to attract referrals from existing employees which in turn motivates the existing employees to refer quality human resources.
  • Webpage and career site overhauling to attract potential hires
  • Finding out better ways to source passive candidates, stimulate them to apply for jobs and successfully recruit fitting candidates
  • Business Intelligence – prognostic and practical use of data analytics in recruiting.
  • Measuring quality of hire more consistently and based on certain industry benchmarks.
  • Ensuring jobs posted reach the maximum audience, both the active and passive users.
  • Recruiting globally for a very diverse and proficient work milieu. This adds to the work culture and fosters good inter-personal relations among the employees and makes for successful hires.




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