How does E-Recruitment work today

In the age of the internet, mobile devices and our virtual, forever-connected lives that most of us are accustomed to, the concept of finding jobs online is not rare. We save paper, time, money and other resources in the process. At the same time, recruiters find candidates to fill up vacancies online too. But how is it possible to find the right candidate for the right job, at the right time and at the right price?

Well, the solution lies in the eyes of the beholder! The internet is the answer to all the problems that Human Resource Recruiters find every day. So how would you make this process simpler and more effective? Today, there is absolutely no dearth in the availability of online sourcing platforms. These can be used to contribute to the organisation’s competitive advantage. The use of technology outweighs the benefits of merely engaging in traditional practices of HR.

The conveniences that technology and the internet provide are vast. A few being creation of paperless offices and green offices. A company can be re-structured without losing out to rivaling firms while still, reducing costs of human resource operations.

E-recruitment essentially involves storing of applicant information provided, retrieval and modification of those details, matching the CV or resumes to job specifications of the hiring company, linking with internet recruitment processes, short-listing most suitable candidates from a pool of heterogeneous applicants, telephoning the individuals or perhaps – mass-emailing them, scheduling interviews and providing job offers or rejections based on the checklists as well as managing reports.

The recruiting agencies and job portals maintain millions of profiles and application tracking. Since advanced database systems and technology are used to manage the same, the cost and time required to perform recruitment online are very low compared to the actual time taken if human efforts are involved.

What you can do as a recruiter is more flexible when you’ve got a whole bunch of tools available on the internet to make your job easier.  Additionally, the scope for innovation is large! Attracting candidates is easier too. Well, the active job-seekers will definitely apply to stimulating jobs while the passive ones could be motivated via attractive callings that the recruiters can create on the internet forums.

And yes, Multi Recruit helps in easing this entire process by intervening at multiple levels to simplify the task for the hiring companies. Instead of shelling out 8.33% or higher for each hire performed by a recruitment consultant or agency, Multi Recruit enables you, the client to, find the right hire or more at throw away prices…and helping you save, a whole lot more!


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