How To Hire The Right Software Developer

How to hire the right software developerFinding the right Software Developer is very problematic if you don’t know what you’re doing. Before jumping into a new project, it’s always best to do your research first – so you don’t waste your time and investment.

If you have an idea for an app, then you’ll need to know how to hire a great PHP. How do you know that your Android Developer is legit? What should you look for when comparing Android & Java Developers?

We will show you the best way to hire a Software Developer.


Why you should hire an Android Developer:

Effective communication  

You can benefit from directly communicating with the developer working on your project, which means there’s no chance of misinterpretation or confusion. Usually, you can also choose your preferred method of communication, too.

Work to your convenience

You can hire an Android Developer on the following time basis:

  • Full-time.
  • Part-time
  • Hourly

Not only does this make the development of an Android App flexible, but you can also estimate how much it would cost beforehand – giving you realistic expectations of how much to invest.

A Software Developer can save you money.

In comparison to outsourcing your project to a large firm, hiring an Android Developer will work out a lot cheaper. It is beneficial to those of you who have a limited budget.

Stay in control of your project.

If you hire an App Developer, then you’ll be able to stay in complete control of your assignment. From giving work to the developer, app testing and getting it launched in the Play Store. You are flexible to make changes at any point of the app development. However, it does mean that your full participation is required.

Now that we’ve established the benefits let’s guide you on how to find the right Android & Java Developer.


What is Java?

Similar to C++ and syntax, Java is a type of programming code that allows Software Developers to write for all the platforms that support it.

The advantages of Java

  •  It has automatic memory management, which lets developers write code without needing to worry about memory allocation/deallocation.
  • Java’s Just-In-Time compiler gives very smooth app performance.
  • The compiler also continually optimizes frequently executed spots and checks the program speed.
  • Java is the most popular programming language used today – although it isn’t considered the most easy-to-use.

What you should know about Java when recruiting 

  • Java is always changing, so if the candidate’s experience got earnt five years ago, then it’s no longer valid.
  • Commercial experience is essential; don’t just hire on university degree or education alone – especially when qualifications alone isn’t useful for when it comes to business coding.
  • The Software Developer must know the libraries and tools too, which is more important than knowing the code itself. Otherwise, the programmer will write everything from scratch and waste precious time and money. Being familiar with the frameworks enables them to use templates and only put in code when its necessary.

Big tip

Overall, you can actually skip looking at their qualifications, and instead, screen through their previous projects – it doesn’t have to be commercial experience, they can also produce an open-source programming project or personal projects.


What you should know about Android Apps

They get uploaded to the Android Market, which is an online store supplying apps – they can be both priced or free to download.

Android Apps are programmed in Java and use Java core libraries – first made for Dalvik executables to run on the Dalvik virtual machine – designed for mobile devices.

The SDK (the Android software development kit) is available from the Android website, and it includes sample codes, guides for creating Android Apps and other helpful tools. 


If you’re a novice developer, then the App Inventor allows you to create an Android app with a simplified drag and drop builder.

How to hire an Android Developer

Look at their expertise in product design.

Make sure your developer has experience in product design, which is an integral part of the Android Development phase. It can help save you a lot of money and time, especially if you won’t need a product manager.

Your software developer should give you an app that behaves professionally and is easy to use. An amateur may cause your app to look unprofessional and make you need more development cycles to produce a better version.

It’s difficult to judge a candidate’s level of product design skills, but make sure you ask questions about product behavior to get a rough idea.

The Android Developer should know how to release and publish the app on Google Play.

Make sure your candidate has a lot of experience in using Proguard. It’s a complicated tool. If done wrong then your code could get exposed, or the app size may get larger. They should know not to use it unless it’s for releasing the app.

The developer should also follow good practices for back-ups, storing files and security. 

Also note:

When releasing version updates, if you lose a file, then you can’t update the app. They should know that the data needs to be in a safe place.


What is PHP?

PHP gets used for developing static websites, dynamic websites or web apps, by using a server-side scripting language. They can only get interpreted on a server that has PHP installed, and computers accessing PHP scripts need a web browser.

The file ends in extension .php and it contains PHP tags.

How to hire a great PHP developer?

First and foremost is to find where technical candidates spend their time, which isn’t usually the obvious places like social media platforms. Good places to start looking are the following websites:

  • PHP Freaks
  • PHP Builder forum
  • PHP Developer’s Network

The PHP tag on Stack Overflow hosts a popular PHP community too, where you can stay up to date and talk to other programmers going through similar scenarios.


The bottom line

 There’s a lot of fierce competition between Software Developers, so it’s very crucial to scrutinize all of your candidate’s properly.

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