How to find Talent Using Social Media as a Recruiting Tool


Where do people hang out the most these days? On the internet.

Considering the far and wide reach of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., are you even surprised? People own at least five social media accounts these days and spend around 100 minutes a day on these networks.

Now, for anybody else, it’s data. For you, as a recruiter, it’s an opportunity.

There are many benefits of using social media for recruiting. It’s a talent pool full of potential candidates. All you need is to zero in on the right one.

Let’s talk a bit about how to do just that!

Before Setting a Social Media Recruiting Strategy, Assess Your Brand Image

Most people want a job at Google. Why? Because it has a stellar reputation as an employer and a brand.

How people perceive your organization, mission, culture, and vision, ends up becoming your employer bio. Candidates judge you on that basis.

Establish your media presence. Build a social following. Track your brand image and improve it at every chance. Keep it consistent across all your social networking sites.

Use Existing Employees as Social Media Recruitment Tools

When you’re trying to showcase how great it’d be to work with you towards a specific goal, let your employees do the talking. They are 70% more likely to be trusted than you.

If an employee blogs about the company culture, tweets about milestones, or posts about personal growth as a professional, it leaves a better impression on any prospective applicant.

Locate Your Niche on Social Media

Recruitment success depends on how accurately you understand parameters, like-

  • What are you looking for in a candidate?
  • Where can you find one that fits your requirements?

On Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter, hashtags, and keywords help you reach the specific community of candidates you’re seeking. LinkedIn has the best filters (location, experience, work history, etc.) to assist you in this regard.

However, you can also use niche networks like GitHub, Quora, Moz, Stack Overflow, or Warrior Forum. Several developers, marketers, writers, artists, managers, and other professionals are active on these channels, websites, and boards.

 Vet Candidates without Any Hassles

Any social profile involves many insights about a candidate. Take a closer look while screening. Note their educational qualifications, highest degree, top duties, most significant achievements, and most persuasive skills.

But, also look at the projects they’ve shared, articles they’ve read, tweets they’ve posted, and experiences they’ve had in near past.

Pay attention to how the candidate has presented himself/herself as a professional. Use this information to reach out to them, and present any proposition in a personalized manner.

93% companies choose LinkedIn, 66% pick Facebook, and 54% use Twitter for recruiting. With 14.4 million people landing a job via these online networking sites, no wonder the industry heavily relies on social media recruitment! If you tread carefully, you’d end up with just the employee you’re looking for.

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