How Recruitment Agencies in India Deal With Resume Processing?

Applying for a job is not enough; the resume needs to get processed as well. When your company is hiring the services of a recruitment agency, make sure that the agency knows how to process the resume. Otherwise, your company will end up with all types of resumes – some will match the job openings, others will be completely unsuitable while the rest will be irrelevant or absolutely of poor quality. Find out how a recruitment agency processes a resume. The answer to this question will clarify all your doubts.

How Does A Recruitment Agency Process Resumes?

Most of the recruitment agencies in India follow three steps while processing resumes. No matter whatever the opening, the recruitment agency receives plenty of resumes. It takes time, commitment and dedication to shortlist the resumes that match the job opening. Following are the three strategies in which resumes are shortlisted:

  • As Per Qualification/Experience: Job openings in every company vary from one another. Some companies lay greater emphasis on professional qualifications and the total years of experience. If you browse through the job posting, you will get a clear idea of the years of experience the particular company is looking for in a candidate. When the recruitment agency is hired, the company gives a detailed description of what they are looking for. As such the agency knows from the beginning that the emphasis is more on the years of experience. When they start looking for resumes fitting the job description, they sort out those resumes that fit the years of experience. Once, they have a solid number of resumes as per the opening, they share them with the company.
  • As Per the Remuneration Package: Salary is a vital factor when it comes to a job opening. There are many employees who are more interested in the remuneration offered rather than the designation or the company. When contacted, the first question they ask is about the salary package. Hence, the recruitment agency, shortlists resumes on the basis of the CTC offered by the particular company in question.
  • As Per the Telephonic Round of Interview: The final screening is done on the basis of the candidates’ performance on the telephonic round of interview. Once the resumes are shortlisted by any of the above two strategies, the candidates are given a call by the agency. They ask certain common questions to find out whether the candidates are confident while speaking, the vocabulary knowledge and so on. Depending on how well each candidate performs, the resumes are further shortlisted.

The list of these candidates is then processed by the recruitment agency to the concerned company. In order to come up with the best possible candidates, it requires time, dedication and a clear understanding of the job opening. Depending on the reputation of the recruitment agencies in India, your company should decide on the recruitment agency that you would like to hire. A lot depends on how well the resumes are sourced and processed. If the recruitment agency sends over good candidates, the chances of the jobseeker getting employed increases as well.

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