Hiring in the Digital Age: The Future of Recruitment Agencies

The past few decades have witnessed a rapid shift in the recruitment trends. From the traditional process of hiring through newspaper ads and face-to-face meetings, recruitments have now become significantly digitized, which means, paper applications are getting replaced by video resumes and social hiring is getting more attention. Leading recruitment agencies in India are also making great efforts to keep up with this newly evolved hiring trend.

Here’s a look into what the HR managers from the leading firms are doing to selectthe best candidates in this digital age.

The Focus has Shifted to Digital Methods

As technology continues to evolve, online job applications and LinkedIn profiles have become an integral part of the hiring model.Today, only a standard CV or a resume with skills and expertise marked in bullet points is not sufficient. Recruiters look for social media profiles, professional network and most importantly work samples of a prospective candidate to get an insight about their potential, skillsets and experience.

Selling the Brand Has Become a Rule

Gone are the days when candidates had to sell their skills and expertise to get a job. However, in the digital age, the brand identity of a company is as important as the expertise of a candidate. In other words,the “employment brand” itself is a selling point as the potential candidate will evaluate every aspect of a company before applying, much like a consumer does before buying a product. Thus, the modern recruitment process itself is a marketing strategy that tends to “acquire talents” from the pool, instead of simply “hiring a candidate” by word of mouth. To keep up with the trend, recruiters are mostly relying on job portals,employee on boarding and offboarding portals, and online tools that help in talent acquisition via job boards and employee referral networks.

Real Time Work Analysis Has Become Crucial

Nowadays, social media platforms give recruiters enough opportunity to leverage more data for analysing a particular candidate’s profile. As a result, there’s no place for biased judgements during the screening and recruitment process. Since majority of the resources are available digitally, a candidate’s potential success is assured through proper and real-time analysis of his works through online assessment tools.

Video Interviews are Gaining Ground

In order to deal with time and space constraints, many recruitment agencies in India are embracing the trend of video resumes. As the recruiters can view how a potential candidate is facing the camera, it gives them enough insight about a candidate’s personality without even meeting him. You hardly get any such impression from a written resume or CV. In the recent times, the trend of video resumes is on the rise.

While, it’s true that the digital strategies cannot fully replace the legacy methods of hiring, your ability to stay on top of the technological trends will always give you an extra edge.

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