Gamification, the Future of Talent Acquisition

Gamification of Hiring & Recruitment

Gamification is as important as social and mobile!

Don’t you think it’s the most improbable connection that can ever happen? Video games and corporate functioning! The recently coined term “Gamification” is slated to do exactly that and is now about to gate crash into the recruitment industry like Holy Moly!

From the days of Super Mario to the present crop of games like Borderlands and Call of the Duty, video games are hot favorites with youngsters. They have been blamed for obsessive behavior and they have been hailed by some others. Yes, some psychologists are actually of the opinion that video games make you a better person!

Video games are supposed to increase critical thinking abilities, and decision making skills of the players, and that can be put to use in real life situations if they choose to come to reality. Kidding!

Now, we are not here to study the relative merits of video games. We are here to understand the ideological shift of thought leaders to introduce gamification into the corporate sphere including hiring.

I know that some of you already know of Gamification, it’s a buzzword that making a wave of sorts. For the rest of you, I shall go all the way to explain what gamification is and how its principles would be a game changer.

Gamification is the concept of applying the dynamics, mechanics, and the psychology of video games in contexts other than video games. Video games are supposed to motivate users with desires of winning, scoring, and leading. When this concept is used in other contexts, it can drive the users to a particular behavior pattern. Sounds like this is of use to your HR Department right? Let’s see.

You might have been part of gamification without you realizing it, but it was first used in the corporate sector in the Frequent Flyers Program giving loyalty points to airline flyers. Later, Badgeville used it to alter behavior patterns. Now, gamification is professed to be such a big thing that Gartner, a famous research organization went on to say that it’s going to take over 50% of companies that use information processes!

So, what’s it to the recruitment industry?

It’s certainly not making the process of recruitment into a funny game. There’s more to it. It’s going to make the process of recruitment into a highly personalized and humanized process. It can engage candidates with your company much better than other tested methods.

As a video game engrosses the users and makes them want more, gamification can alter the perceptions of a prospective candidate toward your company. When done meticulously, with utmost care, gamification can tap into the touchpoints of the candidates and would result in better interaction and engagement.

Gamification is the next level of your Employer Branding Strategy!

It’s also called recruitainment! Gamification’s application in the HR field is in its infancy, but more and more HR departments in India are willing to test these waters. With killer gamification strategies, recruitment to your company would be a much simpler task. Of course there are instances when gamification has backfired and lead to negative impacts too. However, a good understanding of the psyche of the candidates would help come up with good success.

For a jobseeker, getting a dream job is all about relevant qualifications, experience, and a good CV. These days, candidates have found a way with manipulating their CVs and interviews making the process of selection even more complicated. With gamification, and the use of it in the form of quizzes, competitions and others, you can now engage with top talent.

The scope of gamification is immense and Multi Recruit is one consultancy that has been forward looking. We provide value based recruitment solutions that can be your trump card!

If you want to explore the idea of gamification in your recruitment strategy, stay tuned for more.

In our next blog, we shall come with the success stories of gamification in recruitment.

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