10 things that Fresher’s do Wrong during an Interview

So you have been enlisted to attend an interview for your dream job! You’re all dressed up and raring to go, you’ve been up all night and studying all the stuff you thought you knew (once upon a time, you probably heard it in class!)…the teachers taught you how to wear matching pair of shoes and tie. You’ve probably googled “how to pass an interview successfully” and read “how to impress the recruiter”…
And then you make your FIRST mistake!
1.    You’re LATE!

–    It doesn’t matter if you arrive 10 minutes later or a few seconds later. It just goes to show that you can never be trusted to be punctual again, simply because you were clearly informed about the interview timings earlier on. If you can’t stick to that, neither can you, to your job!

2.    You forget to greet the interviewing panel

–    So maybe, you didn’t arrive late. Maybe, they made you wait for your turn. Whatever be the reason, you do not forget to wish the interviewers! That is the second biggest no-no, in the interviewee rule book. That just proves to them that you do not respect the judging panel and hence, proves your ignorance! Ignorance is never bliss, my friend when it comes to getting hired!

3.    Over-excitement!

–    You are early, you wait for your turn (tapping your feet perhaps) and you’re still hyperventilating and assuming that you will get hired for the job of your dreams. What do you do? You rush in, greet the interviewers and probably run out of breath too. What do the interviewers see? An over-enthusiastic, aggressive under-achiever! A real performer is collected, patient and shows his enthusiasm in his activities or answers while still being completely diplomatic.

4.    Forget to carry your updated CV

–    You may have emailed us a copy of your resume but we still want to know if you remember today’s date, whether your email ID matches your name, your qualifications and skills are up-to-date and if you remembered the little details, such as including your signature in your CV. The little things, they matter in the long run…so forget your dream job if you forget to bring along your latest, relevant CV!

5.    “Pardon me, sir/ma’am!”

–    You have not made any of the above errors so far. Whenever we question you, if you happen to re-question, maybe just to confirm or plainly because you didn’t focus, you still give us the impression that you have a serious problem! You’re not only wasting our time because we need to repeat the question, we also need to listen to your answers! And we hate delays.

6.     You freeze!

–    Alright, you passed 1 to 5. But, when we question you and you give us the silent treatment, it definitely means one of two things. You’re still nervous (even after establishing a rapport with you and making you feel comfortable) or you just can’t answer the question. If it is the latter, the least you could do is tell us that you do not know the answer. You know that we hate delays.

7.    Highlight your weaknesses

–    There’s nothing worse than elaborately speaking about your weaknesses when you should really use it to your advantage and turn it around. It doesn’t mean that you should cover it up. Tell us how you will overcome your problem area and make sure that it will benefit our company. And if you tell us you have no weaknesses, whatsoever, we know that you are lying because nobody is perfect.

8.    Initiate a talk about your first salary

–    It is indeed a pleasure to invite questions about possible salary administration to a fresher with no experience. However, expecting to get paid a salary equivalent to one that a team-leader gets would be impetuous. We suggest that you do a bit of an analysis about the entry-level job that you’re applying for and then discuss the details with us.

9.    Advice us and know next to nothing “about us”

–    We are the best at what we do. We require dedicated, hard-working and efficient candidates! And when you tell us what to do, you should probably look into the possibilities of turning into an entrepreneur instead. Also, when you know nothing about our company, we do not want you to work with us. That’s why all companies give you their web-addresses (urls) to visit and learn.

10.    Abrupt ending!

–    No matter how intense and hard the interview maybe for you, remember, it is hard on us too. You are just one of the multitudes of candidates that we need to interview, just to find the right employee for our vacancy! So before we conclude the interview, if you decide to leave without the courtesy of thanking us, we might have second thoughts about your etiquette! And there goes your job…to a better prospect who by the way, probably read this blog and was smart enough to implement it in his/her interview and pass successfully!
We wish you the very best in your job search! Check out the latest premium job openings! Just make sure that you do not make the 10 grave mistakes that could dip your chances of getting selected in any company!

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  1. Manish says:

    nice tips

  2. Arun says:

    This above 10 tips are quite useful for fresher for how to behave during the interview and before the interview. Thanks for sharing with us !

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