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Hospitality recruitment consultancy in Bangalore

Multi Recruit as a recruitment agency for hospitality in Bangalore helps you advertise, source, recruit & hire the best talent.

The Hospitality & Tourism sector in India has shown significant growth in past few decades, and the country has enormous potentiality to become an efficient Hospitality service provider. Multi Recruit is the best recruitment agency for hospitality in Bangalore that provides experienced and talented graduates to the companies.

As we know that there is strong growth in per capita income, with an increment in the young population coupled with different lifestyles are leading to countless expenditure on leisure and usage of hospitality services. So there are numerous vacancies in this sector.

Multi Recruit - Recruitment for Hospitality Sector India

In 2013, the food and hospitality segment had recently seen a rapid increase in candidates that are looking for vacancy in the hospitality sector.

Most of the sources of hospitality vacancies have been seen stepping up for the primary level. With the ever increasing opening of, Bars, fine dining, fast food chains and themed restaurants, resorts& Holiday homes, clubs, the hospitality sector has been heavily recruiting candidates to work in these places.

Hospitality &Tourism recruitment company, Bangalore – Multi Recruit Advantage

  • With Large hotelier companies entering the hospitality segment in India. Hiring for Hospitality segment has been ever increasing.
  • Multi Recruit the best hospitality recruitment agency Bangalore provides best of hiring services to help companies recruit Distribution Agents, HR Managers, F & B Executives, Regional General Managers, Receptionist & Front Office Executives, and Hotel Sales Executives.
  • Multi Recruit will assist you hire in a cost effective way.
  • Being a recruitment agency, our years of experience in managing the demands of the hospitality sector
  • Have proficiency to deliver friendly end solutions for hospitality jobs with ready support of essential infrastructure
  • As a recruitment agency for hospitality Bangalore, our expertise to provide eminent professionals from Freshers to Senior level on both contract and permanent basis
  • Experienced group of HR managers who hold experience of many years in handling the organization affairs
  • The vast experience of serving various hotelier conglomerates and other reputed organizations.
India’s hotel industry is increasingly being seen as an investment -worthy, both in the and outside the country, and various international chains are keen to begin or enhance their presence here.

There will be a hiring of about 10 million candidates in the travel Industry in India. The hospitality industry requires manpower that is highly qualified with leadership qualities and has a quest to lead the Hotel industry of India.

Hospitality recruitment agency Bangalore: How does Multi Recruit work?

• We will advertise the vacancy on 20 top job boards, and social media sites
• We offer you a prepaid-fixed low-price hiring solutions for vacancies in the hospitality segment
• Our trained employee's knowledge will offer you only the talented, skilled and distinguished candidates
• Our different hiring channels assist us with the limitless capability to access nearly every vacancy-seeker in India

Multi recruit is the best hospitality recruitment consultancy in Bangalore that provides eminent and distinguished professionals to business organizations. Our success lies in our eminent team of dedicated HR executives, and with their immediate assistance and extensive knowledge in all sectors, we are matchless in offering paramount HR and recruitment services to our clients.