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All you need to do is get in touch with us by calling us on 080-41212005, or request a callback. You will be introduced to your dedicated Flat Fee Recruitment Consultant who will work with you throughout the whole process from start to finish. Your Flat Fee Recruitment Consultant will...

  • Explain and take you through all the job boards and job aggregators we use.
  • Write your advert - optimising it for the job boards to attract the best talent for your role.
  • If you want to save time we can sift through your advert response, initiate and schedule interviews depending on the package opted.
  • Agree your preferred time to receive applicants by email.
  • Make your recruitment experience simple and ensure you fill your vacancy.
We want to successfully fill your vacancy. In our experience, internet-based job boards are excellent tools for propelling vacancies into a far wider applicant pool than traditional print advertising, recruitment consultants or word of mouth.

We optimise your job posting using appropriate keywords so that your posting appears high on the list of applicants' searches. Our aim is to make your vacancy highly visible & attract the best and variety of applicants.

We are not just selling you a job posting but offering you a reliable service which is very important to us to work together to fill your vacancy.
The key to your success is the time you will spend with your Flat Fee Recruitment Consultant at the beginning of the process, identifying exactly the type of applicants you want to attract - we will do the rest for you.
Any job role is the answer! The internet job boards cover every industry, attracting candidates from their first step on the career ladder, to very experienced senior managers across all disciplines.
Traditional recruitment involves posting your own advert and managing the entire process which is tedious in nature. We offer you much more - we provide you with a dedicated flat fee recruitment consultant who will work with you from start to finish every time you use us, to build a relationship and get to know your business.
We will help you write an effective advert, fully optimised to attract the best candidates on the market. If you want more than just an advert we will use our experience to search the job boards and submit a shortlist of suitable CV's & also manage the interview process for you.
Multi Recruit is backed by 10 years of recruitment industry experience & we know what works and what doesn't. We also know that customers require a dedicated service and that is where we stand head and shoulders above the rest.
You control what you spend!
We understand everyone is different and that's why we have 4 different packages to offer which you can choose to suit your business.
To many of our clients it's not just cost that counts, it's about what we do and how we do it - we take the hassle out of recruiting, and that's priceless.
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We realise that every business has completely different needs, so we offer a wide range of packages. Get in touch today on 080-41212005 and we can tailor the costs and packages to suit your requirements.
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