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Multi Recruit - A Leading Education Recruitment Agency Bangalore

Multi Recruit is an education recruitment consultancy in Bangalore offering fixed low cost recruitment solutions to companies including educational sectors, finance & banking, hospitality, media & communications, Information Technology, Real Estate, etc.

With the growing academic institutes is growing the need for recruitment in education sector India of quality excellence. Imparting right knowledge and skills to the young generation can guarantee the overall progress of a nation and massive economic growth. For that are required skilled resources in terms of education councilors, trainers, teachers, mentors and lecturers.

In the process of proper hiring of perfect candidates, institutes are taking help from recruitment agency for education Bangalore to get the desired positions filled by appropriate resources.

In the absence of a dedicated education recruitment consultancy Bangalore the companies tend to carry out the tiresome process of advertising on multiple job boards, logins to database, going through the CV's and interviewing candidates. But with education recruitment agency Bangalore like Multi Recruit, the companies can pay attention on their core operations, while the Human Resource requirements are looked after by the agency.

Both the formal learning sector (Kindergarden -12 and higher education) and the informal ones (pre-schools, coaching institutions and vocational establishments) are on a path of rapid growth. Thus to cope up with this growth, educational industry requires skilled resources for each of the positions.

Recruitment in Education Sector

With new school, colleges, training institutes, coaching classes, Counselling Sessions & other various educational institutions opening in every city, the education sector too is fast growing.

Today there is a tendency for the upper and upper middle class families to send their children to international schools. The demand for Trainers, Education Councilors, Teachers ,Mentors and lecturers is growing rapidly.

Our Approach

Multi Recruit has been providing help to Education & Training institutes in the hiring of English Teachers , Physics Professors, Chemistry Lecturers , IIT /JEE Faculty Lecturers , Mentors , Training Assistants , Sales Manager , Regional Sales Manager.

Keeping in mind, the industry-specific skills and location, we actively tap market for the best candidates.
  • Systematic and rationalized methodology of recruitment
  • Well defined approach that helps us to make available suitable staffing according to the institute’s requirement in fixed time
  • Support of qualified team for testing, interviewing and assessment processes
  • Selection is handled by the experienced pros in field who have immense knowledge and thus are able to tackle client’s requisition promptly

Our Work Process

Companies when partner with recruitment agency for education Bangalore they place their trust in the agency, we live up to their expectations by fulfilling the positions with the best resources.
Every vacancy requirement that comes to us is catered in a professional manner and once the candidates are known, we accomplish in-depth interviews with each individual. Here are the holistic process steps that we take:

  • Discuss vacancy needs
  • Advertise on 20 job boards to active job seekers
  • Mass mail to candidates on databases
  • CV's are filtered
  • Interviews are scheduled
  • The best is hired

Team and Infrastructure

As a well established and well integrated education recruitment consultancy Bangalore for staffing solutions, we have hired a perfect team backed by advanced infrastructure:

  • Qualified team of seasoned recruiters who have significant management experience required for filling the posts
  • Latest facilities in area of communication, everyday conveyance that leads to completion of entire process
  • They make out the job requisite absolutely and understand that it is human resource that forms the spine of organization's success
The targeted scope of search is agreed upon with the client at the time of specifications listing based on their operational geographies. And then the process is streamlined for each of the positions. Recruitment in education sector India is a demanding field as it requires the selection of well educated people from specific field to serve the academic needs of society with excellence.

Our team understands the urge of the requirement and makes the hiring process easy for the companies, while they are focusing on core operations.

You can send us an enquiry anytime, and no matter what skill set you require, as a leading education recruitment agency Bangalore we can make sure that you get the best available resource at the lowest price.